Section 220.40  Slip Use


a)         Vessel Length Limitations


1)         Vessel length (length over all – LOA) includes all appendages (swim platform, bowsprit, anchor chock, etc.).  Vessels may be measured by Marina staff in the slip after occupancy.  No vessel having a vessel length (LOA) exceeding 3 feet longer than the designated slip length will be permitted.  Vessels with an overall length (LOA) less than 5 feet of the slip length will not be permitted without written permission of the M.A.O.  Permission will be based upon maximum utilization of the Marina facility resources.  Violation of this provision will result in cancellation of the slip assignment.


2)         Vessel Extending Beyond Slip:  A vessel shall not extend more than 3 feet beyond the end of any finger float including but not limited to the vessel's davits, booms, swingstop, bowsprit or bow pulpit.


3)         No part of any vessel shall extend over the main walkway.


b)         Vessel/Slip Occupancy


1)         Slips shall be available for occupancy from April 1 through October 31, weather permitting.  Boats not being stored for the winter season at North Point Marina must be removed from the Marina by October 31.  If boats have not been removed by October 31, the M.A.O. has the authority to impose temporary slip fees and/or remove the vessel and charge the owner for cost of removal and temporary storage fees until the vessel is removed from the site.


2)         The assigned slip must be occupied by a vessel registered to the slip renter within 60 days after notification that the slip is available for occupancy, unless given written permission by the M.A.O. due to such circumstances as dry-dock time, unforeseen mechanical problems or unavailability of parts.


3)         The Permittee shall notify the harbor office anytime his/her vessel will be occupied by any person other than the Permittee or his or her family.


4)         No one under 18 years of age is to stay overnight on any vessel moored in the Marina without an adult present or without written permission from the M.A.O.  Permission will be based upon such considerations as age of the minors, reason for the stay, and length of the stay.


5)         Slip holders desiring to live aboard their vessel must make application with the M.A.O. for liveaboard status of 30 days or more.  The M.A.O. may deny or terminate any application for liveaboard status, based upon such considerations as violations of Department rules, or safety.


6)         The M.A.O. reserves the right to use permanent slips for transient vessels.  Permanent slip holders shall notify the Marina office if they expect to leave their slip unoccupied for a period of 48 hours or longer and their expected date and time of return to the Marina.  Transient vessels shall use their own dock lines and shall not use those of the permanent slip holder.  Owners of transient vessels must vacate the temporarily assigned permanent slip upon notification by the M.A.O. or on the return of the permanent slip holder's vessel to the Marina.


c)         Tenders:  One personal watercraft, dingy, or yacht tender owned by the Permittee and regularly used as a yacht tender may be kept in the Permittee's slip.  This personal watercraft, dingy or yacht tender  shall not extend into the fairway.


d)         Storage on Docks and Fingers:  Nothing shall be stored on the docks and fingers except in locker boxes provided at each slip.  When a vessel is removed at the end of the season or due to cancellation, the locker box must be cleaned out.  Any items not removed from the locker box shall be deemed abandoned and become property of the Department.


e)         Dock Modification:  There shall be no modification of the dock or installation of fenders, dock wheels, etc., without written permission by the M.A.O.  Such permission shall be granted if the modification, based upon published marine engineering standards, does not create a safety hazard, does not conflict with the Department's Master Management Plan, and is not aesthetically displeasing.


f)         Steps:  Any steps used for ingress and egress from a vessel shall not be wider than half the width of the finger to which the vessel is moored. Positioning of steps on any dock must be approved by the M.A.O.  These steps shall not be used as a storage locker.


g)         Drying of Laundry:  Drying or airing of laundry or apparel on the dock or rigging of the vessel is not permitted.


h)         Commercial Activity:  Subject to availability, all charter boat operators will be assigned to the commercial harbor.  Only Permittees in the commercial harbor will be permitted to advertise on their boats.  No sign of any kind will be permitted on the docks.  Charter boat slip fees will be the same as that for the main harbor.  No one other than licensed Charter Boat Operators shall engage in charter boat activities.  No Charter Boat Operator shall pick up or discharge passengers in the recreational basin.


(Source:  Amended at 29 Ill. Reg. 1342, effective January 10, 2005)