Section 220.50  Vessel Condition and Movement


a)         Inspections

Any individual applying for a permit or having a permit issued thereby impliedly agrees that the Department may examine his or her vessel at any time without prior notice at reasonable hours for the purpose of verifying compliance with all applicable rules.


b)         Vessel Condition


1)         Seaworthiness:  Any vessel moored in the Marina shall be seaworthy at all times and be able to get underway by its own power.  In the event a vessel becomes unsafe or unseaworthy, the slip permit may be revoked by the Department.  The M.A.O. shall give written notice to the slip holder of those items that render the vessel unsafe or unseaworthy.  The slip holder shall undertake repairs or refurbishing within 10 days after receipt of notice or such permit will be revoked.  Failure to comply with these provisions shall authorize the Department to have the vessel removed and to charge the removal and storage to the Permittee.


2)         Vessel Maintenance:  Limited maintenance, such as tune-ups, cleaning and line replacement of docked vessels in the recreational harbor is permitted during daylight hours only.  Such maintenance activities shall not generate paint aerosols, dusts, other particles or material which will deposit upon docks, nearby vessels or other facilities; not produce odors, vapors/gases which will prove offensive or pose health, fire, or other safety hazards.  Extensive repairs, such as hull repairs, engine overhauls and spray painting, shall be completed outside the slip area.  The use of open flame devices (welding torches, blow torches, etc.) or electrical welders shall not be permitted without express permission (based upon safety) of the Department.  Only boat repair, service or other type vendors that have been authorized by the Department shall be permitted to perform work on any vessel at the Marina.  Emergency repairs may be made at a slip upon written approval of the M.A.O. (see Section 220.80).  Any waste products (oil, paint, solvents, etc.) shall be disposed of only in designated areas.


3)         Wrecked or Sunken Vessels:  In the event of a wrecked or sunken vessel, the Permittee is responsible for marking the accident site, raising the craft and the disposition of the vessel.


4)         Unauthorized Discharges:  Permittee will be responsible for any costs associated with the cleanup and disposal of unauthorized discharges.  Marina management, or its representatives, may board and inspect any vessel suspected of unauthorized discharge.


5)         Sail Boat Rigging:  All sail rigging shall be tied down while at the slip to insure against noise being produced by the rigging.


c)         Vessel Movement


1)         Movement of vessels within the Marina shall be for the purposes of entering or leaving a slip, pump out station or fuel dock.  All vessels underway in the Marina shall be under power.  Sailing, rowing, sculling or paddling within the Marina is prohibited.


2)         Fueling:  Fueling of vessels can only be done at the designated fuel dock in the Marina.


3)         Vessel Towing:  No vessel may be towed into the Recreational Basin without permission of the M.A.O.


(Source:  Amended at 32 Ill. Reg. 14754, effective August 27, 2008)