Section 220.60  Fees and Charges


a)         All fees and charges may be paid in the form of cash, check, money order or credit card. Transient rentals only may be paid by approved credit card.


b)         Slip Rental – Seasonal


1)         Slip rental fees will be based upon slip length or overall length of vessel (including all appendages), whichever is greater.


2)         A (one-time) $200 deposit must accompany the application for a slip.  This deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the first year's slip rent.


3)         Slip rental rates are $125 per foot per season for each foot of slip or each foot of vessel, whichever is greater.  Discounts or credits shall be deducted from the total when such incentives are offered.  Amounts and conditions precedent shall be determined by the Department of Natural Resources based upon economic conditions and slip occupancy and shall be publicly announced prior to implementation.  Such incentives shall be offered equally to all members of the class of people to whom the incentives are offered, contingent upon slip availability.


4)         Payment Schedule:  Slip rental is due according to the following schedule:


25% by December 31


25% by February 28


25% by April 30


25% by June 30


5)         Rent will be pro-rated for partial season occupancy by new applicants, based on the proportion of the season remaining at time Permittee is notified the slip is available.  (Season shall be calculated as June 1 through October 31 for pro-rata purposes.)  There shall be no pro-rata discounting for any vessel offered a slip prior to June 1.  Prorated slip rental will be due in full upon receipt of a Harbor Occupancy Agreement by the Department.


6)         Late Charges:  For payments not submitted by the scheduled due date, a late charge of 3% of the amount due shall be assessed per month.  No boat shall be allowed initial occupancy of the assigned slip until all scheduled payments (including late charges) have been made.  Any slip rental payment more than 60 days in arrears shall result in lease termination and boat impoundment.


c)         Slip Renting – Temporary

Visiting vessels 30 feet and under LOA will be charged a minimum daily rate of $40.  There will be an additional per foot per day charge not to exceed $2 for each foot of vessel over 30 feet LOA.  Each seventh consecutive day leased under a temporary permit will be free.  Discounts or credits shall be deducted from the total when such incentives are offered.


d)         Rate Changes

The Department of Natural Resources reserves the right to change rates.


e)         Utilities

Normal utility use is included in slip rental fees.  Excess use (defined as consumption beyond average consumption of a similar size boat), as determined by the M.A.O., will be billed at the rate charged Department of Natural Resources by the respective utilities.


f)         Other Fees and Charges

The M.A.O. shall post in a public place the schedule of miscellaneous fees and charges.  Fees may be charged for such things as replacement of lost parking permits, cables, use of Marina facilities, collection costs, damage to Marina property, credit card convenience, and other Marina services necessary to maintain the safety and operation of the Marina.


(Source:  Amended at 29 Ill. Reg. 1342, effective January 10, 2005)