Section 220.70 Other Regulations


a) Quiet Hours: Quiet hours from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. shall be observed in the Marina. During this period, no loud noise or instrument producing or reproducing sound shall be used in such a manner as to disturb the peace, quiet and comfort of the neighboring inhabitants. The sounding of horns as required by Marine Rules of the Road is not a violation of quiet hours.


b) Sanitation and Refuse: All trash must be placed in the provided dumpsters located in each turnaround. No sanitary or any marine discharge is allowed in the basin. Pump out stations are provided in the main basin and at the fuel dock. All trash shall be placed in plastic garbage bags prior to disposing in the dumpsters. Fish cleaning shall be done at designated areas only. Fish cleaning is allowed aboard docked vessels provided that all refuse is placed in plastic bags and deposited in the designated containers, at the fish cleaning station. The use of red plastic bags is prohibited. Any disposal of fish waste into the harbor is strictly prohibited.


c) Motor Vehicle Traffic and Parking:


1) Visitors will park in the visitors lot only.


2) Permittee Parking: Access to restricted parking, docks, and bathhouses will be provided to the Permittee by the M.A.O. Any misuse of these privileges may be cause for termination of the slip permit.


3) Illegally Parked Vehicles: Any vehicle in violation of parking regulations may be ticketed and/or towed at the expense of the vehicle owner in accordance with the Illinois Vehicle Code [625 ILCS 5].


4) Occupancy of any parked vehicle in the public areas between the hours of one a.m. and five a.m. shall be unlawful without written permission from the M.A.O. displayed in the left front windshield area.


d) Bicycles and Motorcycles: No person shall roller skate, skateboard, or ride bicycles, manual or motorized scooters or motorcycles on the docks and gangways within the Marina or upon the boardwalk.


e) Security Gates: The security gates to the main piers are not to be blocked open at any time. Any tampering of the Marina security systems may be cause for termination of the slip permit. Termination shall be based upon such considerations as the nature of damages or threat to security. All persons within the secured area of the Marina shall identify themselves upon request by Marina personnel.


f) Swimming/diving: Swimming and diving are not permitted within the protected harbor areas of the Marina.


g) Fishing:


1) Fishing is prohibited within the Harbor and from any of its structures or breakwaters, except at a designated fishing pier or from a vessel berthed in a slip using a pole and line. No line shall extend into any fairway or maneuvering area.


2) Ice fishing is allowed when conditions permit between sunrise and sunset from November 15 until March 15.


A) Ice fishing is permitted off H and I docks only.


B) Fishing shelters must bear the name and address of the owner and must be removed by sunset.


C) Ice holes may not exceed 12" diameter.


D) Pole and line fishing only (three poles or tip-ups, with no more than two hooks each) is permitted.


3) No wood or charcoal fires are allowed. No open flame on dock structures is allowed.


4) Pets must be controlled and on a leash. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.


5) All trash must be discarded in Department designated containers.


6) No sitting on or using of dock box when ice fishing.


h) Cooking: No cooking or barbecuing shall be permitted on any dock in the Marina. Cooking or barbecuing (gas/propane only) shall be permitted on the slip holder's vessel. Use of charcoal grills or charcoal lighter shall be in Department designated landside areas only. Used charcoal and ash shall be deposited in Department designated containers only.


i) Lost and Found: All found items should be taken to the M.A.O.'s office.


j) Commercial Activity: No commercial advertising or solicitation is permitted in the recreational basin. A slip holder may place a single 8 x 11" For Sale sign within the vessel. The use of any boat as a demonstrator by a boat dealer shall be regulated by the vendor regulations which shall be published by the Department.


k) Tampering with or boarding other vessels without permission is prohibited.


l) Anchoring: Except in cases of emergency (see Section 220.80), no boat shall anchor in North Point Marina waters.


m) Feeding of wildlife is prohibited.


(Source: Amended at 32 Ill. Reg. 14754, effective August 27, 2008)