Section 760.30 Standing Vehicle Permits


a) Eligibility


1) Class A Permanent Disability

After proper application, the Department may issue a Class A permit to shoot from a vehicle to paraplegics or other persons, if the person meets any of the following:


A) has a permanent or irreversible physical disability, is unable to ambulate and requires a wheelchair, walker, one leg brace or external prosthesis above the knee, 2 leg braces or external prosthesis below the knees, 2 crutches or 2 canes for mobility;


B) suffers significantly from lung disease, to the extent that forced expiratory volume for one second when measured by spirometry is less than one liter or arterial oxygen tension is less than 60 millimeters of mercury on room air at rest; or


C) suffers significantly from cardiovascular disease, to the extent that functional limitations are classified in severity as class 3 or 4, according to the standards accepted by the American Heart Association on May 3, 1988, and where ordinary physical activity causes discomfort, fatigue, palpitation, dyspnea or anginal pain.


2) Class B Temporary Disability

After proper application, the Department may issue a Class B permit to shoot from a vehicle to persons who are temporarily disabled and have restricted ambulation due to:


A) a leg, hip or back, or any part thereof, casted by a licensed physician;


B) post-surgical effects of leg, hip or back surgery; or


C) illness or injury.


b) Class A permits issued under this Section shall be valid for a period of 3 years from the date of issuance as specified on the permit. Class B permits issued under this Section shall be valid for a period of not more than 1 year from the date of issuance as specified on the permit.


c) Loss of the standing vehicle hunting permit shall require the holder to reapply.


d) Reapplication for a Class A permit will require the applicant to certify that he is still suffering from a permanent physical disability that renders him unable to walk. Reapplication for a Class B permit requires the same documentation as an original application.


e) Standing Vehicle Hunting Rules


1) Standing vehicle permit holders are authorized to shoot from a vehicle that is totally immobile with the engine turned off. When the vehicle is moving, guns must be unloaded and enclosed in a case, and bow and arrow devices unstrung, enclosed in a case or otherwise rendered inoperable, in accordance with Section 2.33(n) of the Wildlife Code [520 ILCS 5/2.33(n)]. Holders of Standing Vehicle Permits, who are in the field legally hunting pheasant, quail, Hungarian partridge or rabbit, shall be permitted to carry a loaded and uncased shotgun in or on a vehicle or conveyance in accordance with the provisions of 17 Ill. Adm. Code 530.10(b).


2) The standing vehicle permit applies only on private property where permission of the landowner has been obtained. It does not apply on public roadways. Persons wishing to shoot/hunt from a standing vehicle on Department-owned or managed properties must obtain permission from the Site Superintendent in accordance with 17 Ill. Adm. Code 110.


3) Season dates, hours, daily limits, possession limits, and all other requirements by law apply.


4) The issuance of a standing vehicle permit does not exempt the holder from the necessity of obtaining hunting licenses, stamps, or other permits as required by law.


5) The standing vehicle permit must be carried by the hunter while exercising this privilege and must be presented to any law enforcement authority upon request.


(Source: Amended at 36 Ill. Reg. 11152, effective July 3, 2012)