Section 415.30  Medical and Dental Examinations and Treatment


a)         Within seven working days after admission to a reception and classification center, each offender shall be given a physical examination by a physician or by a nurse practitioner under the direct supervision of a physician or by a physician's assistant under the direct supervision of a physician.  Each offender shall be immunized as prescribed by the physician.


b)         Each offender shall be examined by a dentist within 10 working days after admission to a reception and classification center.  The dentist shall chart the oral cavity and classify dental health.


c)         Emergency treatment shall be available to offenders 24 hours a day.


d)         A health care unit or area shall be established at each adult and juvenile correctional facility (excluding transition centers) within the Department.  Offenders shall be admitted to the health care unit or area as determined by health care personnel.  Offenders in the Impact Incarceration Program or at work camps shall receive health care through the program or camp's parent facility.


e)         Offenders shall be informed of the institutional procedures for obtaining medical, dental, or mental health services.


f)         Persons committed to adult and juvenile facilities (excluding transition centers) shall be provided medical and dental treatment, with the consent of the parent or guardian where applicable, as prescribed by a Department physician or dentist.


g)         Adult offenders who require non-emergency medical or dental services shall authorize the Department to deduct a $2.00 co-pay from present or future funds in his or her trust fund account prior to each visit.  Non-emergency services do not include any follow-up visits determined necessary by a Department physician or HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) testing and related counseling.


1)         The co-payment shall be paid from the offender's trust fund when the services are delivered.


2)         Offenders who are without funds at the time services are delivered shall not be denied medical or dental services.  Except as indicated in subsection (g)(3), the offender's trust fund account shall be restricted for the amount of co-payment and shall be paid upon receipt of future funds.


3)         Offenders shall be exempt from the co-payment if, at the time services are provided, the offender is indigent.  Offenders shall be found indigent if:


A)        At the time service is delivered, the offender's trust fund balance is under $2.00; and


B)        At no time for the 60 days immediately preceding the service or since arrival at the offender's current facility, whichever occurred most recently, has the offender's trust fund contained more than $2.00, regardless of the source of funds.


h)         An offender who has or is suspected of having a communicable disease may be isolated from other offenders.  This determination shall be made by a physician as deemed medically necessary.


i)          In case of critical illness or major surgery, the Chief Administrative Officer shall:


1)         Attempt to notify the person designated by the offender to be contacted in case of an emergency and, where applicable, the parent or guardian.


2)         Notify the Chief Legal Counsel if consent for treatment is not obtained or other legal issues arise.


3)         Notify the Agency Medical Director.


j)          The decision to continue or terminate a pregnancy is a medical determination that shall be made by the offender in consultation with her physician.


1)         Offenders contemplating an abortion shall be provided with information and counseling concerning the nature of, the consequences of, and any risks associated with the procedure and available alternatives.


2)         Offenders shall be granted a furlough for the purpose of obtaining an abortion.  Offenders shall be permitted to accept funds for an abortion from local community charities or other sources.


k)         Offenders shall be offered testing and related counseling for HIV following transfer from reception and classification and prior to release, discharge, or parole.


l)          A record of all medical and dental examinations, findings, and treatment shall be maintained.


(Source:  Amended at 31 Ill. Reg. 9842, effective July 1, 2007)