Section 1232.20  Application Procedures


a)         Application for a certificate of license shall be made by completing an application form provided by ISP.  The application will be made available through ISP's website (www.isp.state.il.us) or in a form and manner prescribed by ISP as directed on its website. Applications will include, but not be limited to, the following information:


1)         Business contact information, including federal and State tax identification numbers;


2)         Employee information;


3)         Information necessary to determine whether the business constitutes a retail location;


4)         Notification of previous suspensions or revocations of any FFL;


5)         Training certifications for all owners and employees (see Section 1232.90);


6)         Nature of the certification requested (see Section 1232.110);


7)         Proof of FFL (see Section 1232.20(c));


8)         Affidavit verifying all owners, agents and employees have completed background checks and verified FOID card information (see Section 1232.20(d)); and


9)         Submission of safe storage plans (see Section 1232.80).


b)         All applications and related documents shall be completed accurately and in their entirety, accompanied by the correct fee (see Section 1232.110), and submitted as indicated on the application or ISP's website.


c)         Federal Firearms License Required


1)                  The applicant shall submit a copy of its FFL, with a sworn affidavit verifying that the FFL presented was issued to the applicant and that the FFL is valid at the time of submission of the application.


2)                  In lieu of requiring an affidavit, ISP may verify the validity of an FFL via any system or website approved by ATF and designed to allow an FFL holder or other authorized entity to verify or authenticate the FFL submitted under subsection (c)(1).  The system or website will verify the information shown on the FFL to determine if the FFL is valid. 


3)                  ISP will advise applicants on its website or the application itself if an FFL affidavit is not required to be submitted. 


d)         The applicant shall submit an affidavit identifying the name and Firearm Owner's Identification Card number of each owner, employee, or other agent who sells or transfers firearms for the applicant.  The affidavit shall declare that each owner, employee, or other agent of the applicant who sells or transfers firearms is at least 21 years of age, has a valid FOID Card, and, for a renewal, has completed the training required under Section 5-30 of the Act.  The affidavit form will be available through ISP's website.


e)         Incomplete Submissions


1)         Any application that is not completed accurately and in its entirety, or does not include the correct fee (see Section 1232.110), will be rejected.


2)         ISP will provide written notice to any applicant whose application is rejected stating the reasons for the rejection.  The notice will also inform the applicant that a Notice of Intent to Deny will be filed 30 days after notice of the rejection if the applicant fails to provide all required information, complete the application in its entirety, and submit the correct fee.


3)         If an applicant has not provided the required information or fee within 30 days after notice of the rejection, ISP will file a Notice of Intent to Deny, unless the applicant requests, and ISP agrees to, an extension.


f)         If the application process does not sufficiently provide all information ISP needs to make its certification decision, ISP will attempt to get that information from the applicant before it makes the final certification decision.


g)         All certificates issued shall remain the property of ISP.