Section 1240.130 Procedures for Implementing Changes


a) Changes to This Part If it should become necessary for the Director of the Department of Law Enforcement to change the regulations in this Part, the following procedures will be used:


1) Filed with the SOS All changes to this Part will be filed with the Secretary of State in accordance with provisions of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act (Ill. Rev. Stat. 1991, ch. 127, pars. 1005-35 and 1005-65).


2) Published in the LEADS Reference Manual Upon taking effect, changes to this Part will be published and distributed as part of a routine, bi-monthly Modification to the LEADS Reference Manual, Chapter 30.


b) Changes to LEADS Services This Part requires that any agency using non-standard equipment must provide access to all authorized LEADS files and services and permit the agency's operator to perform all functions that may be performed on fully-supported equipment. The one exception is on-line entry of I-UCR data. (See Section 1240.40(e)(2), subparagraphs (I) and (J).) The following regulations will apply when changes are to be made to LEADS:


1) The Department of Law Enforcement will:


A) Announce Each Change Major additions or changes to LEADS services or procedures for LEADS access will be announced by DLE at least 45 days prior to the planned implementation date. Such announcements will be made as articles in the LEADS monthly Newsletter and/or as notices in the on-line Daily Bulletin Board. (See Section 1240.110(e) of this Part.)


B) Issue Technical Bulletin When the DLE LEADS Staff believes that a change will dictate that technical modifications must be made by local LEADS users of non-standard equipment, a technical bulletin will be provided by DLE. The bulletin will be mailed to all requesting LEADS user agencies at least 30 days prior to the planned implementation date of the change or addition.


C) Provide Notice of Implementation -- When a change is implemented, DLE will immediately notify all users of that fact through the Daily Bulletin Board.


D) Enter an Operational Note When deemed necessary, DLE will enter an Operational Note into the on-line Help File to provide appropriate instructions for dealing with the change.


E) Publish Manual Modification All changes to LEADS services will be reflected in a bi-monthly LEADS Reference Manual Modification to be published by DLE no more than 90 days after the actual implementation date.


F) Expedite Emergency and Minor Changes DLE reserves the right to make emergency and minor changes and additions to LEADS without prior notice or with less notice than called for in subparagraph (A) above. Whenever this becomes necessary, DLE will still provide notice of implementation, enter an Operational Note, and publish a Manual Modification. If deemed necessary, a technical bulletin will be issued at the earliest possible time.


2) All LEADS User Agencies will:


A) Stay Abreast of Changes All users must be aware of all changes and additions to LEADS that are announced in the Daily Bulletin Board. All LEADS operators and other appropriate personnel should be informed at the earliest possible time.


B) Update Manuals The Reference Manual Modifications must be applied to all copies as stipulated elsewhere in this Part. (See Section 1240.110(b)(1).)


3) Agencies Operating Non-Standard Equipment will:


A) Request Technical Bulletins It shall be each individual agency's responsibility to request that it be placed on the mailing list to receive technical bulletins. The request may be made by directed message to terminal KQC, or by letter to the LEADS Administrator, 501 Armory Building, Springfield, Illinois 62706.


B) Promptly Implement Technical Changes To remain in compliance with the provisions of Section 1240.40(e)(2)(J), the agency must implement any necessary technical changes within 60 days after the actual DLE implementation date or within 60 days after the technical bulletin is received, whichever occurs first.


C) Request an Extension


i) In any case where the agency believes it cannot comply with (B), above, within the specified time frame, it must submit a written request for an extension. The request must state the circumstances necessitating the extension and give the agency's plan and target date for getting into compliance. Requests must be sent to the LEADS Administrator, 501 Armory Building, Springfield, Illinois 62706.


ii) The Director of the Department of Law Enforcement will grant extensions on an individual basis depending on the circumstances involved. Either the Director or the agency may also request a hearing as provided for in Section 1240.140 of this Part.