Section 1770.206  Procedures for Administration of Part-Time Police Officers Certification Examination


a)         The Part-Time Certification Examination will be administered to all recruits who successfully complete the Part-Time Basic Training Course certified by the Board.


b)         Recruits who successfully pass the Part-Time Certification Examination will receive a certification attesting to the recruit's successful completion of the part-time basic training requirements.


c)         Part-Time Certification Examination scores will be reported in writing to the Chief Administrator of the recruit's employing agency within 14 days after the examination date.


d)         Recruits are required to successfully complete the Part-Time Certification Examination on one occasion only.  There are no requirements for re-qualification.


e)         Only recruits who have successfully completed the Part-Time Basic Training Course, as certified by the Board, are eligible to take the Part-Time Certification Examination.


f)         Each recruit must be a part-time police officer and be employed by a local law enforcement agency.


g)         In the event the recruit fails to pass the Part-Time Certification Examination on the initial administration, the recruit will be allowed to re-take the Part-Time Certification Examination a maximum of two times with each respective appointment.  Failure of this test shall result in the recruit not being eligible for certification and the recruit must forfeit the recruit's position.


h)         In order to be eligible to re-take the Part-Time Certification Examination, a written request must be submitted to the Board by the Chief Administrator of the employing agency.  Upon receipt of the written request, the Board shall administer the re-take examination, except as may otherwise be provided in subsection (n).


i)          Recruits who initially fail to pass the Part-Time Certification Examination will be administered an alternate version of the Part-Time Certification Examination on any successive re-takes.


j)          The Board will establish and publish the locations with the dates and times for the administration of re-take Part-Time Certification examinations.  Such exams will be given at least twice every six months.


k)         The Part-Time Certification Examination will be administered at regional training facilities on the last Saturday of the last month of the Part-Time Basic Training Course.


l)          The recruit will have 3.5 hours to complete the Part-Time Certification Examination.  A recruit will be excused from completing the examination at that session if the recruit is ill and excused by the proctor.


m)        Individuals allowed within the testing area will be limited to Board-approved examination proctors and those who are taking the Part-Time Certification Examination.


n)         Any recruit who is uncooperative, disruptive or is thought to be cheating during the administration of the Part-Time Certification Examination will be ordered by the proctor to turn in the recruit's examination and to leave the examination area.  A complete written report of the incident will then be submitted to the Director of the Board and the Chief Administrator of the recruit's employing agency.  The offending recruit shall have the opportunity within seven days to submit a written report to the Director describing the recruit's version of the event.  In such cases it will be left to the discretion of the Director to determine whether the recruit has forfeited the examination and whether the recruit is eligible to re-take the Certification Examination.  The Director's determination will be based on the nature of the recruit's misbehavior and on the supporting evidence of such misbehavior.


o)         Successful completion of the Part-Time Certification Examination will not be deemed equivalent to or sufficient in and of itself, to render said part-time police officer eligible to obtain a waiver of full-time law enforcement basic training or a certificate attesting to equivalent training as a full-time law enforcement officer.


p)         The Board will establish a “Transition Course” that incorporates coursework and scenario-based trainings. Completion of this course may be prescribed by the Board for those part-time certified officers seeking appointment in full-time positions and a waiver of the full-time training requirement. Any recruit who has failed the full-time academy or failed to pass the full-time certification exam on three occasions is ineligible to attend this course.


(Source:  Amended at 47 Ill. Reg. 9410, effective June 23, 2023)