Section 1780.102  Definitions


The terms used in this Part are defined in Section 2 of the Illinois Police Training Act.  Additionally, the following terms are defined for purposes of this Part: 


"Act" means the Illinois Police Training Act [50 ILCS 705]. 


            "Board" means the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.


"Course" means the course of study identified by the Board pursuant to Section 1780.203 as the Basic Court Security Course for Court Security Officers. 


"Course Coordinator" means the person or entity responsible for offering the Basic Court Security Course for Court Security Officers. 


"Course Roster" means the form listing the names of all probationary and permanent Court Security Officers completing the requirements of a course approved by the Board under this Part.  The information required on a course roster form is the Court Security Officer's name, date of appointment, department, employment status and social security number and the name of the course and the date of course completion. 


"Court Security Officer" is a person hired under the following statute: The sheriff of any county in Illinois with less than 3,000,000 inhabitants may hire court security officers in such number as the county board shall from time to time deem necessary. Court security officers may be designated by the Sheriff to attend courts and perform the functions set forth in Section 3-6023. Court security officers shall have the authority to arrest; however, such arrest powers shall be limited to performance of their official duties as court security officers. Court security officers may carry weapons, upon which they have been trained and qualified as permitted by law, at their place of employment and to and from their place of employment with the consent of the Sheriff. The court security officers shall be sworn officers of the Sheriff and shall be primarily responsible for the security of the courthouse and its courtrooms. The court security officers shall be under the sole control of the sheriff of the county in which they are hired. If a county has a Sheriff's Merit Commission, court security officers shall be subject to its jurisdiction for disciplinary purposes. They are not regular appointed deputies under Section 3-6008. The position of court security officer shall not be considered a rank when seeking initial appointment as deputy sheriff under Section 3-8011. Every court security officer hired on or after June 1, 1997 shall serve a probationary period of 12 months during which time they may be discharged at the will of the Sheriff. [55 ILCS 5/3-6012.1]


"Executive Director" means the Executive Director of the Board. 


"Full-time Court Security Officer" means one who is employed at least 35 hours a week as a Court Security Officer on a regular basis. 


"Permanent Court Security Officer" means a court security officer who has completed his or her probationary period and is employed as a court security officer by a participating local governmental unit.


"Probationary Court Security Officer" means a recruit court security officer required to successfully complete initial minimum basic training requirements at a designated training school to be eligible for employment as a court security officer.


"Trainee" means a probationary Court Security Officer who is receiving the training prescribed by Subpart B.