Section 2470.80  Assessment and Referral of Persons on Aftercare Release


a)         The Department shall designate any organization licensed under 77 Ill. Adm. Code 2060.507, hereafter referred to as the designated program, to provide assessment and case management services for the Department.  Such services are for any person identified as a substance abuser who is under the supervision of the Department, who has been or is scheduled to be released from a State youth center, and who:


1)         Has received substance abuse treatment services within a Department or other facility during his or her commitment;


2)         Has been identified by the Department as requiring substance abuse treatment services; or


3)         May have aftercare release conditioned upon treatment under the supervision of the designated program pursuant to Section 40-15 of the Alcoholism and Other Drug Abuse and Dependency Act [20 ILCS 301/40-15].


b)         The designated program shall provide the services specified in this Section in a uniform manner to the Department throughout the State either directly or by sub-contract or referral.


c)         The designated program shall have a written agreement with the Department that identifies the services to be delivered and specifies how they will be provided in relation to the operation of the Department.  The designated program as defined in the contract may include, but is not limited to, the services and specifications required by this Section.


d)         The designated program shall conduct an assessment in accordance with the provisions specified in  77 Ill. Adm. Code 2060.417 and as further specified by contract to determine if the releasee is likely to be rehabilitated through substance abuse treatment.


1)         The designated program shall obtain the releasee's informed consent prior to the provision of services.


2)         The assessment shall include, at a minimum, collection of demographic data as specified in 77 Ill. Adm. Code 2060.325(1).


A)        If it is determined that the releasee has participated in a substance abuse program as part of a prior aftercare release plan, the designated program shall request a statement from the Department.


B)        This statement shall, at a minimum, summarize the releasee's aftercare release record, including, when available, known history of the substance use, the identity of any treatment program utilized by the releasee, and any record of compliance with conditions of aftercare release.


3)         Upon completion of the assessment, the designated program shall make a recommendation to the Department or its designee relative to the releasee's substance abuse and the likelihood of the releasee's rehabilitation through substance abuse treatment.


A)        Such notification to the Department shall be made to the relevant aftercare release office and to the Deputy Director of Aftercare Services.


B)        The designated program shall send written notification to the releasee regarding the result of the assessment and its subsequent recommendation.


e)         The designated program shall provide case management services that will assist the releasee with admission for treatment, assist the Department in final dispositions, and assist treatment providers in identifying and providing special treatment needs of the releasee.  At a minimum, such services shall include:


1)         Written notification to the Department regarding the releasee's initial or subsequent admission for treatment, which shall include: identification of the treatment program; address and telephone number of the treatment program; the name of the professional treatment staff assigned to the case; the name, address, and telephone number of the designated program staff assigned to the case if different than the treatment program; and the date of the admission for treatment;


2)         Written monthly reports to the Department relative to the releasee's status in treatment; and


3)         A written report summarizing the releasee's treatment and rehabilitation upon discharge from the designated program.


f)         The designated program shall provide certain administrative services to the Department, which will assist in the delivery of appropriate and effective services.   At a minimum, such services shall include:


1)         Development and maintenance of a treatment provider network throughout the State that allows maximum accessibility to the continuum for treatment services;


2)         Prioritization of clients based on clinical and community safety needs and availability of appropriate treatment;


3)         Technical assistance, training, or both to licensed treatment and intervention providers on issues relevant to the delivery of services to this population; and


4)         Referral of clients to the most effective services, based on a review of outcomes.


g)         The designated program shall not hold a treatment license as described in 77 Ill. Adm. Code 2060.


h)         Notwithstanding subsection (d), the designated program may provide supplemental, short-term services to releasees changing status within the criminal justice system, prior to placement into treatment, between treatment episodes, transitioning out of the criminal justice system, or at any other point where services may not be immediately available.


i)          The designated program shall have mutual linkage agreements with any treatment program utilized for referrals that ensures communication and documentation of releasee progress in treatment.


j)          The designated program shall identify all program participation criteria that the releasee must meet in order to participate in the program and the guidelines for measuring the releasee's progress in treatment.


k)         All chemical test services conducted by the designated program shall be in accordance with the provision specified by the Department for testing releasees.


l)          The designated program shall document all relevant justice or corrections activities related to the client's progress in treatment and status in the justice system, as well as any subsequent required actions.  Procedures shall be established to communicate with the relevant justice authorities in order to maintain such documentation.


m)        The designated program shall maintain releasee records in accordance with the provisions specified in 77 Ill. Adm. Code 2060.325.  In addition, each releasee record shall include copies of all of the following documentation:


1)         The releasee's informed consent and any other consent to release information form;


2)         Results of the assessment, including psychological evaluation reports and prior treatment information relied upon in determining the releasee's substance abuse program and readiness for treatment;


3)         A copy of the notification of assessment results and recommendations to the releasee, the Department, and the relevant justice authority;


4)         Other correspondence, court orders, or record of judicial proceedings related to the assessment or any other case management service;


5)         Treatment admission and admission notification to the Department;


6)         Any chemical test results;


7)         All appearances before any court or relevant justice authority;


8)         Written reports from the treatment provider relative to the releasee's progress in treatment;


9)         Any warning letters or jeopardy meeting reports;


10)         Any case conference meeting reports; and


11)         Material related to the releasee's discharge from the designated program.


n)           The designated program shall establish standardized procedures for discharge of the releasee from the designated program.


1)         Such procedures shall include, at a minimum:


A)        The process for review of the releasee's progress in treatment to determine if a change in status is justified;


B)        The specific instances that would lead to a change in the releasee's status and the procedures to be followed when such a determination is made;


C)        The process that will be followed when the Department requests a reassessment of a releasee; and


D)        A process to ensure that proper notice is given to the Department, the relevant justice authority, and the releasee prior to and upon successful or unsuccessful discharge from the designated program.


2)         No change shall be made in a releasee's treatment plan without appropriate approval by the Department or other authority consistent with the aftercare release agreement.  The designated program shall send written reports to the Department and relevant justice authority of discharge within:


A)        Ten calendar days after successful discharge.  Such reports shall contain the releasee's intended residency, if known, summary of treatment progress, and recommendations for any further treatment.


B)        Three calendar days after unsuccessful discharge. Such reports shall contain the releasee's intended residency, if known, instructions for continued contact between the designated program and the Department, and the specific reasons for the unsuccessful discharge.