Section 2603.80  Housing


a)         Introduction

When shelter care admission procedures are completed, children must be assigned appropriate quarters.  Every child has a right to live in a homelike atmosphere where individual needs can be met.


b)         Minimum Standards


1)         Sleeping Rooms

A maximum of four children shall be assigned to any multiple occupancy sleeping room.


A)        A minimum of 60 square feet of floor space per bed shall be provided in multiple occupancy rooms.  Beds shall be at least three feet apart.


B)        Bunk-type beds are prohibited.


C)        Single occupancy rooms must have at least 60 square feet of floor space.


2)         Room Equipment

Children housed in individual or multiple occupancy rooms shall be provided with:


A)        A comfortable bed.  Each child shall sleep one to a bed.


B)        A closet for storage of clothing and personal items.


C)        A desk or locker capable of being locked in order to secure personal items.  If an item of furniture is provided which can be locked, a table may be substituted for a desk.


D)        A lamp and chair.


E)        Illumination to ensure a comfortable reading level (30 foot-candles at desk level).


F)         A night light.


G)        A shelf for storage of toiletry items or other articles.


H)        A rack or hook to hang towels/washcloths.


3)         Room Level

Rooms shall be located above ground level.


4)         Living Area

A living area containing no less than 30 square feet per child must be provided for each age group.


A)        Each living area shall be equipped with tables and chairs.  Seating shall be provided for each child.


B)        A radio and television shall be provided.


C)        A bulletin board shall be provided.


D)        A cold water drinking fountain shall be provided.


E)        One toilet for each six occupants shall be provided.


F)         One shower head or tub for each six occupants shall be provided. Water for showers shall be thermostatically regulated.


G)        One washbasin with piped hot and cold water for each six occupants shall be provided.


H)        Each washbasin shall be provided with a mirror.


5)         Dangerous Conditions

Any condition constituting potential for injury must be corrected, e.g., frayed electrical cords must be replaced.


6)         Door Hardware

Doors on sleeping rooms, wash rooms, and toilet rooms shall not be equipped with a lock.


7)         Toilet Stalls

Toilet stalls shall be provided with privacy panels and doors.


8)         Heating and Ventilation

The building must be comfortably heated and cooled according to the season.


9)         Variances

Variances connected with physical requirements may be granted by the Director of the Department for existing facilities. Variance expiration dates will be determined at the time granted.  Variance requests of an administrative nature will not be granted.  In determining whether to grant a variance, the Department will consider, among other factors, the nature of the standard, previous noncompliance, the cost, the population, the alternative means of complying with the intent of the standard, the length of time requested for the variance, the consequences if the variance is not granted, and the safety and security of the facility or individuals.


A)        The variance request must be in writing and pertain to a specific standard.  The request must describe the reasons for the variance; the period of time for the variance; any hardship the facility might experience by complying with the standard; plans to be implemented to eventually comply with the particular standard; and a statement that the variance would not adversely affect the health and safety of children.  All these criteria will be considered in arriving at a decision.


B)        The approval or denial of a variance request will be returned by letter to the requesting governmental agency.


C)        The Director of the Department, at his discretion, may grant a renewal of the variance provided documentation is received from the governing body which indicates a good faith effort on their part to effect necessary actions to comply with the standard in question.


D)        A permanent variance, depending on the circumstances, may be granted.


10)         Compliance


A)        All requirements of a physical nature shall be complied with by January 1, 1986 for facilities existing in 1980.


B)        Facilities constructed after 1980 and those currently under construction must comply.  However, if the Department has previously given written approval for final architectural plans for new construction or remodeling, new standards of a physical nature will not be enforced.


C)        Those noncompliances relating to physical conditions which adversely affect the treatment of children with respect to their health and safety may be considered for further action under the provisions of the Unified Code of Corrections [730 ILCS 5/3-15-2(b)].


(Source:  Amended at 12 Ill. Reg. 12405, effective October 1, 1988)