Section 2603.240  New Design and Construction


a)         Introduction


1)         Planning of a new shelter care facility is a highly ordered process. Since the facility will remain to serve the community for many years, it is vitally important that planning be thorough.


2)         The Department will assist architects in planning such facilities through consultation and the review of preliminary and final drawings submitted to the Department for examination.


b)         Minimum Standards


1)         Departmental Approval

The Department must review all remodeling and construction plans of shelter care facilities.


A)        The architect's preliminary drawings must be reviewed by the Department.


B)        A complete set of final plans and specifications shall be submitted to include:


i)          Architectural design.


ii)         Heating and ventilating system.


iii)        Plumbing specifications.


iv)        Electrical specifications.


v)         Specifications for construction materials.


vi)        Equipment.


vii)       Furnishings.


C)        Change orders in construction, subsequent to final plan approval, must be submitted to the Department.


D)        All minimum standards for existing facilities shall apply.


2)         Compliance with Local and State Laws

The Department will withhold approval of a site or building design not complying with the requirements of or having the approval of local zoning boards, county or municipal governing bodies or commissions or other responsible agencies.  Plans showing the proposed building location must be submitted to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to determine compliance with the Regulation of Construction within Flood Plains (17 Ill. Adm. Code 3706) and Construction Activities in Special Flood Hazard Areas (Executive Order 79-4, effective June 1, 1979).


3)         Location

The site shall be located so as to be reasonably accessible to available public transportation, schools, churches, and health services.


4)         Rated Capacity

The rated bed capacity of each shelter care facility shall be established prior to construction and shall not exceed 20 children.


5)         Consultation With Architect

The architect shall be immediately informed of available Department consultation services.


6)         Lighting

Fixtures must provide 30 foot-candles of illumination for reading area and 20 foot-candles elsewhere.  Building design shall provide for maximum natural light.


7)         Equipment

Residential-type equipment shall be provided in shelter care facilities.   Sleeping room doors shall have a ventilation feature, unless air conditioning is provided.


8)         Corridors

All corridors and passageways to be used as a means of exit shall be at least four feet wide.


A)        Corridors and passageways shall be properly lighted at night.


B)        Individual rooms shall be on each side of the corridor in a staggered fashion.  Doors shall swing open into the corridor.


C)        The corridor shall provide direct entrance into the living area from the sleeping area.


9)         Admission Area

The admission area shall be accessible by separate entrance for youth being admitted and shall be:


A)        Adjacent to the shelter care area.


B)        Equipped with toilet, washbasin, and shower facilities.


C)        Provided with a medical examination room adjacent to the admission area.


10)         Storage

Adequate storage area shall be provided in the admission and living unit areas.  Storage rooms, especially janitor closets, will be ventilated.


11)         Administration Area

The administration area shall provide adequate office space for private consultation.  A staff wash room shall be provided.


12)         Separation of Shelter Care and Detention

A single structure housing youth placed either in shelter care or detention must, by physical arrangement, clearly separate the two in accordance with their basic physical features, programs, and functions; however, a common kitchen may be used for meal preparation.


(Source:  Amended at 12 Ill. Reg. 12405, effective October 1, 1988)