Section 210.10  Licensing of Raffles Conducted by Political Committees


a)         No raffle or other game of chance defined in and authorized by Section 8.1 of the Raffles Act [230 ILCS 15/8.1] (the Act) shall be conducted unless a license has first been issued for such a purpose by the State Board of Elections (Board).


b)         "Political committee" as used in this Part shall mean a political committee as defined by Section 9-1.8 of the Election Code [10 ILCS 5/9-1.8].


c)         No political committee, group, association, or other entity shall receive a license to conduct a raffle unless it is a political committee as defined by this Part and Section 9-1.8 of the Election Code, and unless it meets all requirements of Section 8.1 of the Act.


d)         Application for a license to conduct a raffle shall be made on forms provided by the Board and shall supply, over the oath of the applicant, all information requested by the application form.  The form of the application is set out in Appendix A.


e)         Only the chairman or treasurer of a political committee whose name is listed on the committee's D-1 statement at the time the application is filed shall sign the application for a license to conduct a raffle.


f)         An officer of a political committee or an employee or person not otherwise disqualified by the Act itself shall be deemed to be of good moral character if he or she has never been convicted of an offense identified in Article 29 of the Election Code; provided that if an officer, employee or person has been convicted of such an offense he or she may nonetheless be deemed of good moral character if at least one year has elapsed between the completion of any sentence, including a sentence of probation, imposed upon such conviction and the date the application is sent to the Board as noted upon the application itself.


g)         The information supplied by the applicant, over his or her oath, if it is complete as to each and every item of the application for which an answer is required, shall be deemed to be presumptively correct and sufficient for the Board to issue a license to the applicant to conduct a raffle.


h)         Any person who has grounds to believe a committee has violated the terms of the Act or of its license may file a complaint before the State Board of Elections to determine whether a license holder remains in compliance with the terms of its license.  The Board shall hear such a complaint under the provisions of 26 Ill. Adm. Code 125.Subpart C.  The complainant shall prove its case before the Board.  Nothing in this Part prohibits the Board from filing a complaint, but unless it does so, the Board shall not act as an advocate for the complainant. Failure of a committee to abide by the Act and its license voids the license whether or not a complaint is filed.


i)          All receipts and/or expenditures for raffles conducted under this Section and the Act shall be reported on the report next required to be submitted by the committee after each separate raffle under Article 9 of the Election Code  and on such other reports as may be required by that Article.


(Source:  Amended at 35 Ill. Reg. 2407, effective February 4, 2011)