Section 212.218  Application and Appointment


a)         Applications for Employment


1)         Notice:  Positions shall be advertised in both the Springfield office and the Chicago office by posting, unless the Executive Director directs otherwise.  Other recruitment methods may be used as deemed appropriate.


2)         Submission of Application:


A)        Persons seeking employment must submit an application, resume or other documents demonstrating education and experience.


B)        Employees seeking positions within the Office must apply in writing to the Director of the organizational unit in which the desired position is located.  The Director shall submit copies of applications received to the Executive Director and the Director of Administrative Services.


3)         Screening of Applicants:


A)        Interviews:  Directors or their designees are responsible for screening applications for non-Executive Employee positions.  Interviews may be conducted as part of the screening process.  Interviews shall be conducted by the Director of the organizational unit, or their designee, the Director of Administrative Services or their designee, and either the Human Resources Manager or another appropriate staff person chosen by either the Executive Director or the Director of Administrative Services. In any event, a minimum of two members of the interview panel must have successfully completed the course for Rutan certification.


B)        Board Conducted Interviews: The Board shall conduct interviews for the positions of Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director, General Counsel and Director.


C)        Examinations:  The Executive Director may require any applicants for any positions to take examinations as a means to assess knowledge, skills and the ability to perform the duties of the position.


4)         Criteria for Selection:


A)        Selection may be based on education, experience, interviews, references, and examinations, if conducted.  Other factors, such as experience within the Office, may also be considered.


B)        Pre-employment screening of applicants may include, but is not limited to, background checks and routine reference verifications.


C)        If, following the screening process, the Director desires to place an applicant in a position, the Director shall submit their recommendation to the Executive Director for final action, including the decision not to fill the position.


D)        A central file of all applicants who applied for or were considered for a position, along with appropriate supporting material, shall be maintained in the Office of Administrative Services for a minimum of three years (application materials) or 10 years (interview and section materials) from the date the position is filled or a decision to not fill the position is made.


b)         Appointment


1)         Notice of Appointment:  Upon approval of the Executive Director, the Director of Administrative Services shall notify applicants in writing of their appointment to a position.  The notification shall state the position classification, work location, starting salary, and beginning date of employment, all contained in a conditions of employment agreement that shall be signed by all new appointees.  Appointments become effective upon the applicant's reporting for work at the place and time designated in the notification.


2)         Types of Appointment:  The following types of appointments may be made by the Executive Director or a Director, subject to the concurrence of the Executive Director.


A)        Probationary Employees:  All appointments for newly hired employees shall be subject to the employee's performance through two consecutive performance appraisals by the Executive Director or a Director or their designee of approximately three months each and receipt of notification that the employee has been certified in the position to which appointed.  At any time during this probationary period, newly hired employees may be discharged without notice, cause or any right to hearing.


B)        Certified Employees:  Employees successfully completing a probationary period shall be appointed to certified status.  Appointment to certified status shall be effective upon receipt of written notice from the Executive Director or their designee.


C)        Temporary Employees:  Employees authorized by the Executive Director or a Director to perform duties and responsibilities on a temporary basis shall receive compensation at the designated rate of a temporary employment agency supplying the worker or as agreed to by the employee and the Executive Director.


D)        Acting Status in a Non-Executive Employee Position:  An employee assigned to acting status for any position shall, at the Executive Director's or a Director's discretion, be paid in accordance with the salary range allocated to the position and the responsibilities incurred as a result of the acting assignment; provided, however, that payment shall not be lower than the employee's base salary immediately prior to the acting assignment.  An employee removed from acting status shall be returned to the same or a similar position to the one held prior to the acting status appointment.  The employee's salary shall be not less than their salary at the time they were was appointed to the acting status.


E)        Acting Status in an Executive Employee Position:  An employee assigned to acting status to an Executive Employee position classification shall only be appointed by the Board and shall follow the procedures set forth in subsection (b)(2)(D). 


F)         Trainee Appointments:  Employees appointed to a trainee position shall be promoted by the Director of the employee's organizational unit, subject to the concurrence of the Executive Director, to the permanent targeted title with no probationary period only after successful completion of the training period, which shall be a minimum of six months and shall not exceed 12 months.  Employees appointed to trainee positions may be discharged at any time prior to promotion without rights to appeal.


3)         Other Appointments:  The following types of appointments shall be made only by the Board:


A)        Executive Employees:  Executive Employees serve at the discretion of the Board and may be discharged or demoted by the Board at any time without notice, cause or any rights to a hearing.


B)        Term Appointments:  Directors and other employees who are appointed for terms of no longer than four years may be discharged at the end of their term without cause or any rights to a hearing.  Sixty days prior to the expiration of the term appointment, the Director of Administrative Services shall serve a notice upon the appointee either in person or by certified mail, return receipt requested, at the employee's last address listed in the personnel file.  This notice shall also be given to the Chair of the Board and the Executive Director.  The Chair of the Board shall notify the employee at least 30 days prior to the expiration of the term of the intention to renew or not renew the appointment.


c)         Contractual Employees:  Contractual employees have no rights under this Part.


(Source:  Amended at 46 Ill. Reg. 9993, effective May 26, 2022)