Section 212.242  Employee Transfer


a)         Definition:  A transfer is the assignment of an employee to a position whose classification has the same maximum permissible salary as the former classification.


b)         Intra-Agency Transfer:  An employee may be transferred to a position involving similar qualifications, duties, responsibilities, and salary range in another division, section, or other unit within the Office.  Transfers may be made by the Executive Director as he or she deems necessary or desirable, in his or her sole discretion.


c)         Inter-Agency Transfer:  An employee may be transferred to a position in the same class, or to a position involving similar qualifications, duties, responsibilities and salary range in another agency of the State of Illinois, with the approval of the other agency and the Office, the Executive Director and/or a Director, and with the consent of the employee.  For the purposes of this Section, however, an employee who has laterally transferred from another State agency with less than one year service in the Office shall not be awarded a promotion within the Office unless there are no eligible and qualified candidates with more than one year's service with the Office.


d)         Geographical Transfer:  Geographical transfer is the transfer of an employee, for the convenience of the employer, between the Chicago and Springfield offices for the performance of duties other than temporary assignments or details.  An employee who refuses to accept a geographical transfer must report for duty at the new location on the designated date but may make a written appeal of the transfer to the Grievance Review Committee in accordance with the procedures established in Section 212.270 of this Part.  An employee shall be reimbursed for all reasonable transportation and moving expenses incurred in moving to a new location because of a permanent geographical transfer with prior approval from the Executive Director, unless the transfer was requested by the employee.


e)         Rights of Transferred Employees:  A transferred employee shall retain status, continuous service, and all accrued benefits.


f)         Transfer of Duties:  When the duties of a position are relocated by transfer or by abolition and reestablishment and when the duties are substantially the same as the employee's current position classification, an incumbent employee may elect to relocate and retain the duties of the position.  Expenses incurred for transportation and moving expenses are not subject to reimbursement.