Section 212.250  Layoff


a)         Layoff Procedure


1)         A Director may request the layoff of an employee because of lack of funds, material change in duties or organization, reduced workload or lack of work, or the abolition of the employee's position.  Based on classification, division or other designation, the order of layoffs shall be within organizational units justified by operations.


2)         A proposed layoff plan prepared by the Director of Administrative Services is subject to the Executive Director's and the Board's approval before becoming effective and shall include the following:


A)        A list of all employees in the organizational unit in classifications affected by the layoff plan, showing status and total continuous service for each employee;


B)        A list of those employees to be laid off;


C)        Performance records of all employees affected by the layoff plan; and


D)        An explanation of the organizational unit selected, reflecting division, geographical, operational, and other elements deemed relevant by the Director.


b)         Order of Layoff


1)         No certified employee may be laid off until all newly-hired probationary employees in the same position classification, work location and organizational unit are terminated.


2)         In accordance with the layoff plan submitted under subsection (a), consideration shall be given to performance records and continuous service.


c)         Effective Date of Layoff:  Unless extraordinary operating conditions or events are specified in the proposed layoff plan, no layoff shall be effective until 10 working days after the Executive Director's and the Board's approval of the layoff plan.


d)         Layoff Rights:  For a period of six months following the effective date of his or her layoff, a laid off employee shall be notified of any vacancy in the position classification, work location and organizational unit held by the employee at the time of layoff and be given an opportunity to apply for that vacancy.