Section 100.50  Local Administering Agency Application for Funding


a)         Designated LAAs will be required to meet program and fiscal requirements for operation of the LIHEAP and IHWAP programs under this Part prior to the submittal of an application for grant funding from the State.  Applications will not be processed nor grants awarded prior to the Department's review of the LAA's performance in the following four areas:


1)         an effective outreach referral program (evidenced by services to clients in accordance with their incidence in the census-based client population of the service area);


2)         a continuing planning process and capability (evidenced by demonstrated applicant staff capability to complete federal and/or state grant applications and reporting documents containing qualitative and quantitative objectives);


3)         an accounting system in accordance with current generally accepted accounting principles of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), 1211 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036-8775; and


4)         an effective citizen participation/community involvement program.


b)         In preparing the grant application, LAAs will be required to submit the following items:


1)         Application for Assistance:  The Department will require the submittal of a form provided by the Department which requires the basic information needed for grant award documentation and for the Department's review purposes.


2)         Annual Implementation Plan:  The work program will narrate the activities as required by the Department to be undertaken utilizing the grant funds. The work program must include at a minimum such items as provisions for staff, coordination with other delivery agencies and a description of how the LAA intends to deliver its basic services.


3)         Annual Budget:  The LAA shall submit a grant budget by cost categories, on the budget summary form and detail sheets provided by the Department.


4)         Statement of Coordination:  The LAA will be required to outline its program of coordination with other agencies and programs. The statement shall include coordination mechanisms established by the LAA and cite interagency agreements or contractual arrangements used in support of coordinated service delivery.


5)         Assurances and Certifications:  In a form and manner provided by the Department, the LAA will be required to certify its compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations as detailed in this Part dealing with the receipt and expenditure of grant funds, as provided on the grant application.


6)         Additional Grant Application Submittals:  These include:


A)        Name, address, telephone number of the LAA responsible for administering the projects as well as signatures designating responsibility for the grants;


B)        The "Notice of Grant Award" and grantee acceptance;


C)        The "Method of Compensation, Fiscal Recording/Reporting Requirements";


D)        The "Terms and Conditions Governing the Grant";


E)        The "Scope of Work" that insures programmatic controls, such as training, staffing, outreach, and reporting; and


F)         Any information that the Department deems necessary to clarify or document information provided in the application.


c)         The Department will use the following standards to select certain LAAs for special demonstration projects.  The weight to be given to each standard will be dependent on the nature of the project, keeping in mind the Department's goal of equally representing all areas of the State.


1)         The Department will consider the LAA's experience in the particular type of energy assistance or weatherization project to be implemented.


2)         The Department will consider the qualifications of the LAA's personnel as related to the particular type of energy assistance or weatherization project to be implemented.


3)         The Department will evaluate the methodology proposed by the LAA for completion of the project under consideration.


4)         The Department will evaluate the ability of the LAA to complete the project under consideration as evidenced by factors specified in subsections (c)(1), (2), (3), (5) and (6).


5)         The Department will evaluate the LAA's timetable for completion of the project both in terms of other applicants and whether or not the timetable appears to consist of a realistic statement of goals.


6)         The Department will evaluate the LAA's budget both in comparison to other applicants and to determine whether or not the proposal is a realistic assessment of the costs of the project.


(Source:  Amended at 42 Ill. Reg. 6350, effective March 20, 2018)