Section 100.240  Summer Energy Assistance


a)         A LIHEAP Summer Energy Assistance Program may be operated by the Department only if unused heating assistance funds are available.  This option will provide eligible households with assistance to help meet summer energy costs and respond to heat related conditions.  The following types of benefits may be provided:


1)         Direct Client Assistance (DCA) payments to home energy providers on behalf of income-eligible households (see Section 100.250) that contain an eligible member as defined by the Department;


2)         The purchase of an electric fan; and


3)         The purchase or repair of air conditioners or fans by a LAA for income-eligible households that have a medically necessitated need for cooling (in accordance with subsections (b) and (c)).


b)         To receive air conditioner repair or an air conditioner, a household must be determined income eligible in accordance with the process described in Section 100.250. Additionally, the household must contain at least one member experiencing a medical condition that can be ameliorated by cooling.


c)         The existence of the medical condition must be certified by a licensed medical practitioner.  Medical persons from whom this certification can be accepted are limited to the following:


1)         Any physician licensed in accordance with the Medical Practice Act of 1987 [225 ILCS 60] or licensed in an adjoining state;


2)         Any registered nurse or practical nurse licensed under the Nurse Practice Act [225 ILCS 65] that is employed by a visiting nurse association or county government or health department and who has attended the applicant or a member of his/her household;


3)         Public health officials who are medical persons (i.e., licensed physicians or licensed registered or licensed practical nurses acting as a representative of a physician) associated with the National Health Service, the Illinois Department of Public Health, a county health department, or a city or township health department;


4)         Any physician's assistant certified under the Physician Assistant Practice Act of 1987 [225 ILCS 95] working with any attending licensed physician;


5)         Any licensed registered or practical nurse working with an attending licensed physician or physician assistant; or


6)         Any practitioner who provides treatment through prayer or spiritual means (e.g., Christian Scientist).


d)         LAAs will take cooling assistance applications for a period determined by the Department or until summer assistance funds are depleted.  In determining the length of time the local agencies will be required to take applications, the Department will equally consider factors such as the amount of funding available, weather conditions and length of time remaining in existing grants. Intake sites are to be open for a minimum of two days per week until funds have been exhausted.  Application data will be entered into the automated LIHEAP reporting and tracking system by the LAA.  Applications are to be retained and filed by the LAA.  All reports that are available for the "heating" options will be available for the summer program option.


e)         Verification, authorization, and client/vendor notification will occur within 30 days after a completed application.  Payment must occur within 15 days after the notification.


f)         Summer Assistance Benefit payments to electric utilities on behalf of eligible households must be used to reduce the current bill of the household.  The Department will notify the LAAs of which public utilities, as defined by Section 3-105 of the Public Utilities Act, have agreed to abide by this constraint.  LAAs must determine which utilities that are not public utilities will comply.  In cases where the home energy provider refuses, cooling assistance payments will be made directly to the households.


g)           On the date the Department notifies the LAAs that the summer option becomes operable, LAAs may take emergency service applications for clients whose electricity is not an integral part of their heating system (i.e., heat will be delivered without use of electricity).


(Source:  Section 100.240 recodified from 89 Ill. Adm. Code 109.240 at 33 Ill. Reg. 9466)