Section 160.30  Program Requirements


a)         Eligible Grantees.  Any unit of general local government may apply for funding on behalf of any private, not-for-profit organization providing services to the homeless, or a not-for-profit organization may apply directly for funds.


b)         Eligible activities.  Emergency shelter grant amounts may be used for one or more of the following activities relating to emergency shelter for the homeless:


1)         Renovation, rehabilitation, or conversion of buildings (as defined in 24 CFR 575.3 (1987)) for use as emergency shelters for the homeless.  Reimbursement under these activities shall not exceed the cost to erect a comparable new building.


2)         Provision of essential services, including (but not limited to) services concerned with employment, health, substance abuse, education, or food.  Grant amounts provided to a unit of general local government or not-for-profit organization may be used to provide an essential service only if:


A)        The service is a new service or a quantifiable increase in the level of a service above that which the unit of general local government provided during the twelve (12) calendar months immediately before it received the grant amounts; and


B)        Not more than thirty (30) percent of the grant amounts is used for these services.


3)         Payment of maintenance, operation (including insurance, utilities, furnishings and food).


4)         Homelessness prevention activities, such as short-term subsidies to defray rent and utility arrearage for families that have received eviction or utility termination notices, security deposits or first month's rent, or other innovative programs and activities designed to prevent homelessness.  Not more than thirty (30) percent of the grant amounts is used for these services.


c)         Ineligible activities.  Emergency shelter grant amounts may not be used for activities other than those authorized under subsection (b).  For example, grant amounts may not be used for:


1)         Acquisition of an emergency shelter for the homeless;


2)         Rehabilitation services, such as preparation of work specifications, loan processing or inspections; or


3)         Improvement of buildings owned by religious organizations unless the conditions of 24 CFR 575.21(b)(2)(i) through (viii) are met.


d)         Matching Funds.  Each applicant must supplement its emergency shelter grant request or demonstrate an attempt to supplement with an equal amount of funds from other sources.  In-kind contributions will be considered, including, for example, the value of any donated material or building; the value of any lease on a building; any salary paid to staff in carrying out the program; and the time and services of volunteers.  (The value of that time is to be determined at a rate of $5.00 per hour.)  The necessary amount of matching funds must only be provided after the date of grant award; however, letters of commitment which document matching contributions must be submitted with the application.


e)         Support Services and Referral Linkages.  Homeless individuals must have access to assistance in obtaining support services.  This includes permanent housing, medical and mental health treatment, counseling and similar services essential to achieve independent living.  A referral system must be demonstrated to be in place, providing for services and aid (whether or not these services are to be provided with grant funds) and assuring a coordinated approach to serving the homeless.


Source:  Amended at 18 Ill. Reg. 5163, effective March 21, 1994)