Section 160.80 Administrative Requirements


a) Progress Reports Progress reports may be required by the Department. These reports will outline the obligation and expenditure of funds under the shelter grants program. The Department reserves the right to request additional information to further clarify or document activities as may be necessary.


b) Financial Management Standards The grantee is accountable for all funds received under this program. The grantee must maintain accountability over all funds, equipment, property and other assets under the grant as required by the Department. Records shall be kept which detail the expenditures of grant funds and accurately document such expenditures.


c) Monitoring The Department will monitor each homeless shelter grant funded under this program periodically throughout the fiscal year. The project will be evaluated for compliance with the terms and conditions of the grant document.


d) Audits The grantee shall be responsible for having an annual financial and compliance audit performed in accordance with 24 CFR Part 44. The audit of all appropriate project records will be performed by an independent public accountant, certified and licensed by the authority of the State of Illinois and selected by the Department in conjunction with and upon receiving advice from the grantee. The grant audit must be conducted in accordance with the Comptroller General's Standards for Audits of Governmental Organizations, Programs, Activities, or Functions. The grantee may secure an independent audit of its Emergency Shelter Grants Program grant in the same manner as it secures its regular audits. Audits must be performed in accordance with the Single Audit Act of 1984 and OMB Circular A-128, if applicable, provided it follows the requirements of OMB Circular A-102, Attachment O, which provides for maximum open and free competition. This audit should be conducted as part of the grantee's annual audit as is generally required by State law. The Grantee shall contact, in writing, the Department's Office of Audits when the project is completed and advise the Department that the project is ready for audit, providing the name of the audit firm selected. Notification shall be addressed to:


Office of Audits

Department of Commerce and Community Affairs

620 East Adams Street, 2nd Floor

Springfield, Illinois 62701


The Department reserves the right to conduct special audits, at any time during normal working hours, of funds expended under this agreement.


e) Special Conditions and Terms Successful applicants, prior to the release of funds, must submit documentation to substantiate that assertions made in the application are met. The Department reserves the right to establish the amount of the grant award. Grant-related expenses may be incurred only after all grant conditions have been met and the grant award document executed.


f) Memorandum of Agreement If the grantee is a local government, it will enter into an agreement with the not-for-profit organization undertaking the proposed project activities. This agreement will govern project activities and the release of funds.


g) For the purposes of this Part, additional administrative provisions specified in 47 Ill. Adm. Code 1.110 and those found in HUD Emergency Shelter Grants Program rules (24 CFR 575.59, 575.61, 575.63, 575.65, 575.67, and 575.69 (1987)) are applicable.


(Source: Amended at 18 Ill. Reg. 5163, effective March 21, 1994)