Section 360.902  Relocation Plan


a)         Approval.  Before the Authority makes a Loan or Grant under the Program or at such other time as required by the Authority, the Authority may require the Applicant to submit, for the Authority's approval, a plan for the temporary relocation or permanent displacement of Tenants.  In deciding whether to approve such plans, the Authority shall consider:  the purposes of the Program; the provisions of the Tenant Selection Plan or Participant Selection Plan; any applicable Federal and State statutes and regulations; and any other relevant matters.


b)         Benefits Provided For in the Relocation Plan.  The benefits provided for in the relocation plan shall be available only to lawful residential Tenants (not owner-occupants or businesses) who are temporarily relocated or permanently displaced following submission of the Applicant's application for Trust Fund Monies or Applicant's control of the site, whichever comes later.  The benefits provided for under the relocation plan shall not be available to Tenants if:  the Tenant commences occupancy after the Applicant's application for Trust Fund Monies or Applicant's control of the site, whichever comes later, provided such Tenant receives written notice of the impending rehabilitation and possible relocation or displacement prior to executing the lease; the Tenant has his/her tenancy terminated for violations of the terms and conditions of the lease, a violation of applicable Federal, State or local law, or other good cause; the Tenant is rejected for continued occupancy by the Recipient for reasons stated in the Tenant Selection Plan or Participant Selection Plan; the Tenant moves from the Development or Single-Family Development of his/her own accord or moves from the Development or Single-Family Development after receiving written notice of the impending rehabilitation; or other good cause exists to deny benefits as determined by the Authority.  However, Tenants who are rejected by Recipient for continued occupancy in the Development or Single-Family Development for reasons concerning family size restrictions or inability to afford rent levels charged after rehabilitation shall be eligible for permanent displacement benefits under the relocation plan.


c)         Contents of the Relocation Plan.  The relocation plan shall set forth the policies and procedures to be used by the Applicant in temporarily relocating or permanently displacing Tenants including, but not limited to:  provisions detailing the responsibilities of the Authority, the Applicant and, if applicable, its managing agent; the basic actions to be taken in the relocation program; the acceptance and rejection criteria for determining eligibility for temporary relocation and permanent displacement benefits; the information to be provided to Tenants regarding the relocation program; provisions providing for determining Tenants' relocation needs; a description of relocation benefits; and, provisions detailing the implementation of the relocation plan, including a timetable for activities under the plan.


d)         Enforcement of Relocation Plan.  The Recipient is responsible for assuring that all the relocation requirements are met.  The Authority, except in those cases where another governmental agency has a regulatory requirement to do so, will monitor the relocation activities to determine compliance with the requirements of this Section.  To enforce the provisions of this Section, the Authority may take whatever action is available under this Subpart I or the Loan or Grant documents, including the withholding of any Trust Fund Monies due Recipient.


(Source:  Amended at 18 Ill. Reg. 8663, effective May 25, 1994)