Section 368.103  Definitions


As used in this Part, the following words or terms shall have the meanings assigned to them.


"Accessibility Standards":  The standards for the construction of a Spec Home, which shall include the following:


The Spec Home shall have at least one no-step exterior entrance with a 36-inch-wide entrance door to allow for wheelchair access into the Spec Home.


All interior passage doors in the Spec Home shall allow at least 32 inches of clearance in width.


No electrical outlet in the Spec Home shall be lower than 15 inches from the finished floor and no light switch in the Spec Home shall be higher than 48 inches from the finished floor.  All environmental controls, including, but not limited to, heating and air-conditioning controls in the home must be in accessible locations.


In each bathroom or equivalent room, the toilet, bathtub, shower stall, or shower seat shall be reinforced in a manner that will allow the installation of grab bars around those fixtures.


"Act": The Illinois Housing Development Act [20 ILCS 3805].


"Applicant":  A  homebuilder applying for a Grant under the Program.


"Application":  A homebuilder's written request for a Grant, including the required information and attachments.


"Application Form":  The form to be used by all Applicants in submitting an Application.


"Architect's Final Certificate":  The certificate prepared by an architect of a Qualified Builder stating that a Spec Home, as constructed, meets the Accessibility Standards.


"Architect's Initial Certificate":  The certificate prepared by an architect of an Applicant or a Qualified Builder stating that the Plans and Specifications for a proposed Spec Home incorporate the Accessibility Standards.


"Authority":  The Illinois Housing Development Authority.


"Building Permit":  The building permit for a Spec Home, if required, issued by the jurisdiction in which the Spec Home is to be constructed.


"Director":  The Executive Director of the Authority.


"Final Certification Affidavit": The affidavit signed by the building inspector certifying that the Accessibility Standards have been incorporated into the Spec Home.


"Grant":  A grant from the Authority to a Qualified Builder in connection with the construction of one or more Spec Homes under the Program.  No Grant shall exceed $5,000 for each Spec Home.


"Grant Agreement":  The agreement between the Authority and a Qualified Builder setting forth the terms and conditions under which the Authority will provide a Grant to the Qualified Builder.


"Program":  The Accessible Housing Demonstration Grant Program.


"Qualified Builder":  A homebuilder that:


has had insurance coverage for product liability, builder's risk and worker's compensation for the 12-months prior to the date of its Application; and


demonstrates that it has constructed either at least two buildings in the 12-month period prior to the date of its Application, or four buildings in the 24-month period prior to the date of its Application.


"Request for Disbursement":  A Qualified Builder's request for a disbursement of Grant funds upon the completion of construction of a Spec Home.


"Single Family Residence": A detached home, a condominium, a town home or other residence designed to be occupied by a single individual or household.  A two-, three- or four-flat is not a Single Family Residence.


"Spec Home": A Single Family Residence satisfying the Accessibility Standards constructed by a Qualified Builder for sale on the open market and not built for a specific  individual or family for immediate occupancy.


"Staff":  The Executive Director and the employees of the Authority.