Section 380.413  Renewal of Commitments


a)         LAAs may apply for a renewal of their Commitments, which shall be granted at the discretion of the applicable Agency, subject to the restrictions set forth in this Section.  Agencies shall review the performance of each LAA at the end of the LAA's Commitment term.  Agencies shall only renew the Commitments of those LAAs that have satisfactorily performed their obligations under their Commitments, as determined by the Agency.  The performance review shall include, without limitation, the LAA's compliance with requirements for Tenant eligibility, Tenant Contribution, and rent charged for the Units; the number of two, three, and four bedroom Units included among the Units receiving Rental Assistance; the adequacy, frequency, and sufficiency of inspections of Units; the  proper and timely submission of quarterly reports and Reconciliations; the LAA's compliance with its service plan and its outreach plan, including outreach activities conducted by the LAA within and around the LAA's Service Area; the LAA's compliance with its selection plan for Landlords; the implementation of the LAA's pledge to offer Rental Assistance for Units for Special Needs Households, if applicable; the LAA's responsiveness in addressing concerns about the LAA's performance under its Commitment; and proper documentation of the LAA's operating expenses and other program requirements.


b)                  If an LAA does not wish to renew its Commitment or the Agency does not renew the Commitment of an LAA, the Agency shall seek another LAA to provide Rental Assistance for Units receiving Rental Assistance under the unrenewed Commitment.  The Agency may offer a temporary Commitment to an LAA working in the same Service Area, and if the substitute LAA's performance is satisfactory, may extend the temporary Commitment for a period not to exceed three years.  If the Agency is unable to find a replacement LAA, the Agency shall give 90 days notice to the Tenants and Landlords of its intention to terminate Rental Assistance for the Units, and shall reallocate the Rental Assistance funds for these Units.


c)                   In the event an Agency does not renew an LAA Commitment due to poor performance, the Agency shall inform the LAA in writing of the reasons for the non-renewal. The written notification of non-renewal shall also indicate that the LAA will have 30 days to submit a written appeal to the Agency. The LAA's appeal shall be addressed to the Agency General Counsel and shall include a written statement of the LAA's position, including, without limitation, responses to any allegations of poor performance, along with all relevant supporting documentation. The Agency will review and make a final decision as to the renewal of the Commitment within 30 days after receiving the written appeal. Commitments not renewed due to lack of funding are not subject to appeal.