Section 700.228  The Secretary-Treasurer


The Secretary-Treasurer shall:


a)         Keep a certified copy of the Articles and these By-Laws with marginal references to all amendments thereof;


b)         Keep the minutes of the meetings of the Stockholders and the Board of Directors, and cause the same to be recorded in the book provided for that purpose;


c)         Prepare, or cause to be prepared, and maintain any list of Stockholders;


d)         See that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of these By-Laws or as required by statute;


e)         Be custodian of the records of the Corporation and the Board of Directors and of the seal of the Corporation; see that the seal is affixed to any and all stock certificates prior to their issuance and to all documents the execution of which on behalf of the Corporation under its seal shall have been duly authorized, and attest the seal when so affixed;


f)         See that all books, reports, statements, certificates and other documents and records required by law to be kept or filed are properly kept or filed;


g)         Have supervision over the funds including the borrowing thereof, the securities, receipts and disbursements of the Corporation;


h)         Cause all moneys and other valuable effects to be deposited in the name and to the credit of the Corporation, in such banks or trust companies or with such bankers or other depositories as shall be selected by a majority vote of the Board of Directors, exclusive of any Director who is an Officer or Director of the depository so designated;


i)          Cause the funds of the Corporation to be disbursed by checks or drafts upon the authorized depositories of the Corporation;


j)          Cause to be taken and preserved proper vouchers for all moneys disbursed;


k)         Cause to be kept correct books of the account of all the business and transactions of the Corporation;


l)          Render to the President or the Board of Directors, whenever requested, an account  of the financial condition of the Corporation and of his transactions as Treasurer;


m)        Be empowered, from time to time, to require from the Officers or Agents of the Corporation reports or statements giving such information as he may desire with respect to any and all financial transactions of the Corporation; and


n)         In general, perform all duties and have all powers incident to the office of Secretary-Treasurer and perform such other duties and have such other powers as from time to time may be assigned to him by these By-Laws or by the Board of Directors or by the President. At the request of the Secretary-Treasurer, or in his absence or disability, a duly appointed Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, shall perform any of the duties of the Secretary-Treasurer and, when so acting, shall have all the powers of, and be subject to all the restrictions upon, the Secretary-Treasurer.  Except where by law the signature of the Secretary-Treasurer is required, any duly appointed Assistant Secretary-Treasurers shall possess the same power as the Secretary-Treasurer to sign all certificates, contracts, obligations, and other instruments of the Corporation.