Section 365.80  Application Process


a)         The Department of Labor shall make RFPs describing proposed projects before awarding of funds.  RFPs will be issued in May in order that programs can start up on July 1.


b)         Consistent with the RFP process, when funds become available, a deadline is established for the submission of proposals.  It takes approximately three weeks after the deadline for submission of proposals for the proposals to be reviewed, for recommendations for funding to be made and confirmed by the Director of the Department of Labor, and for the applicants to be notified of approval or denial of applications (proposals).


c)         The RFP shall require any organization or agency applying for funds to provide the following information in the proposal (application):


1)         Cover Page


A)        Name of project


B)        Name of organization or agency submitting proposal


C)        Date of submission of proposal


D)        Contact person


E)        Mailing address


F)         Telephone number


G)        Total amount of funds requested


H)        Starting and ending dates of program


I)         Signatures of authorized representatives


2)         Project Summary


A)        Need for project should be established


B)        Brief explanation of proposed program


C)        Brief explanation of past year's performance, including the following:


i)          How many displaced homemakers received or are receiving preemployment skills training and/or job skills training?


ii)         How many displaced homemakers have been placed in employment or academic, vocational, or skills training for employment?


3)         Program Planning Summary

            The program must show that displaced homemakers will be provided services as described in the applicant's proposal, or if an applicant is starting a new program, the list of services to be provided must be shown. The program must emphasize job training and placement techniques for displaced homemakers.


4)         Assurances and Certifications

            The organization or agency making application shall assure and certify that it will abide by applicable State rules, regulations, and requirements and provide copies or description of the following certification and other required information:


A)        That the proposal must identify any salaried personnel as being in new positions when salary is to be paid through the Displaced Homemakers Program funds.


B)        That displaced homemakers receiving tuition must show a financial need.


C)        That there is compliance with Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Provisions of the Department of Human Rights.


D)        That there will be compliance with the following Acts and Regulations, should the proposal be funded:


i)          Displaced Homemakers Assistance Act;


ii)         Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 USC 20002);


iii)        Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (29 USC 201 et seq.);


iv)        Equal Employment Act of 1972 (42 USC 2000 et seq.);


v)         Minimum Wage Law [820 ILCS 105];


vi)        Eight Hour Work Day Act [820 ILCS 145];


vii)       One Day Rest in Seven Act [820 ILCS 140];


viii)      State Property Control Act [30 ILCS 605];


ix)        Department of Central Management Services purchasing rules (44 Ill. Adm. Code 1, Standard Procurement);


x)         Property Control Manual of the Department of Central Management Services;


xi)        Displaced Homemakers Program Regulations (56 Ill. Adm. Code 365).


5)         Budget Summary

            A proposed budget must be submitted.


(Source:  Amended at 25 Ill. Reg. 916, effective January 5, 2001)