Section 2520.700 Definitions


For purposes of this Subpart, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:


Affirmative Action Group any of the groups listed in Section 2520.720 or 2520.730.


Agency any instrumentality or facility of the executive branch of State government, as specified in Section 2520.710.


Central Management Services or CMS the Department of Central Management Services or any successor agency responsible for its functions.


Chief Executive Officer the director or other chief executive or administrator of any agency other than the Department.

Disability as used in Section 2-105(B) of the Act and this Subpart, long-lasting impairment of physical, mental, hearing, cognition, ambulation, self care, independent living or other functions.


EEO Equal Employment Opportunity.


EEO/AA Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action.


EEO Job Categories the following 8 categories: officials/managers; professionals; paraprofessionals; technicians; office/clerical workers; protective services workers; skilled craft workers; and service/maintenance workers.


EEO Officer the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, whether full or part-time, appointed by a State agency pursuant to Section 2-105(B)(4) of the Act and Section 2520.780 of this Part.


Layoff the placement of an employee in non-paid and non-working status without prejudice, either temporarily or for an indeterminate length of time. Layoff does not include, either temporarily or indeterminately, a means or form of discipline.


Minority those groups, or members of a group, listed in Section 2520.720 or 2520.730, other than women and disabled persons.


Numerical Goals the number of members of an affirmative action group that have been determined to be available to an agency for employment in each of the EEO job categories.


Petitioning Group a chartered not-for-profit organization that is recognized by the community it purports to represent that has as its purpose fostering the interests and well being of that community.


Plan an affirmative action plan for employment as described in Section 2520.760.


Program Goals a set of actions established to address affirmative action or EEO problems cited in the agency's plan.


Promotable agency employees who, within the fiscal year, under standard employment practices, are able to move from one of the EEO job categories to another.


Reasonable Accommodation as it relates to disabled employees and applicants, modification of the work site, work process and/or work schedule to enable a disabled person to perform the major functions of a specific job; however, such an accommodation cannot impose an undue hardship on the conduct of the business of the employer or labor organization.


Region a group of adjacent counties. There are 11 regions within Illinois, which will be reduced to 10 regions as identified in Appendix D, effective July 1, 2015.


Trainable agency employees who, within the fiscal year, are eligible for participation in established training programs that, when completed, would allow them to move from one of the EEO job categories to another.


Transferable agency employees eligible for transfer within the fiscal year from one region to another.


Underutilized Category a category in which the number of employed members of an affirmative action group for which numerical goals have been set does not reflect the availability of that group in the agency workforce in that EEO job category.


(Source: Amended at 38 Ill. Reg. 9481, effective April 21, 2014)