Section 5400.220  Approval of Intake Centers


a)         The Authority may utilize Intake Centers to process Applications submitted under this Program.  The Intake Centers shall provide certain social and administrative services to further the goals of the Program. Intake Centers shall either provide educational services directly or contract with outside Training Providers to provide Applicants with educational and vocational training approved by the Authority.


b)         Only those institutions which are operated on a not-for-profit basis and which offer Qualified Training Programs or have an arrangement with a Training Provider meeting the requirements of Section 5400.210(c)(1), Section 5400.210(c)(2) or Section 5400.210(c)(4) are eligible Intake Centers.  Service Delivery Areas and Dislocated Worker Centers which otherwise meet the requirements of this Section are eligible for approval as Intake Centers.


c)         Those institutions which are eligible pursuant to subsection (b) may submit applications to the Authority requesting designation as an approved Intake Center.  All applications shall be submitted on forms provided by the Authority and shall include information the Authority deems necessary, such as the name and address of the Applicant, the Intake Center Coordinator, a description of the area to be served by the Intake Center, a description of services to be provided, and how the service will be provided.


d)         The Authority shall review applications submitted pursuant to this Section and based on the availability of funds during any fiscal year, may approve for a period of one year institutions meeting the requirements of subsection (b) and shall allocate fund levels to each approved Intake Center.  Approval of Intake Centers and levels of funding shall be determined, in part, by the demand for employment in the geographic area in which the Intake Center is located, the population of the geographic area, the time frame in which the Intake Center application is submitted, previous Intake Center performance, the nature of the facilities of the Intake Center, the placement history of the Intake Center and the availability of alternative program funds.  All funds allocated to an Intake Center are subject to reallocation upon the Authority's finding that the funds are not being utilized.


e)         Intake Centers approved by the Authority shall conduct assessment procedures necessary to determine whether unemployed Applicants have the capabilities required to Successfully Complete a training course or program.  The Intake Center shall specify in its application to the Authority the assessment procedures it will utilize.  These assessment procedures must be nationally recognized and must measure both aptitude and achievement.


f)         Intake Centers approved by the Authority shall provide any other services described in an agreement to be executed by the Authority and the Intake Center.  Such services may include placement assistance, client outreach and Applicant interviews.