Section 1220.440  Continuing Education


a)         Continuing Education Hours Requirements


1)         Each person who applies for renewal of a license as a dentist shall have completed 48 hours of continuing education (CE) relevant to the practice of dentistry during the prerenewal period.


2)         Each person who applies for renewal of a license as a dental hygienist shall have completed 36 hours of CE relevant to the practice of dental hygiene during the prerenewal period.


3)         A prerenewal period is the 36 months preceding September 30 of the year of the renewal.


4)         A renewal applicant is not required to comply with CE requirements for the first renewal following the original issuance of a dental or dental hygienist license.


5)         Continuing education is not required to renew a dental specialty license.  The holder of a dental specialty license is, however, required to complete 48 hours to renew the dental license.


6)         Dentists or dental hygienist licensed in Illinois but residing in other states shall comply with the CE requirements set forth in this Section.


7)         Continuing education credit for hours used to satisfy the CE requirements of another state may be applied to fulfillment of the CE requirements of the State of Illinois.


b)         Approved Continuing Education/Continuing Education Sponsors


1)         All CE courses shall be relevant to the treatment and care of patients and shall be:


A)        Clinical courses in dentistry and dental hygiene; or


B)        Nonclinical subjects that relate to the skills necessary to provide dental or dental hygiene services and are supportive of clinical services (i.e., patient management, legal and ethical responsibilities, stress management). Courses not acceptable for the purpose of this definition include, but are not limited to, estate planning, financial planning, investments and personal health.


2)         CE credit may be earned for verifiable attendance at or participation in any courses that meet the requirements of subsection (b)(1) given by one of the following sponsors:


A)        American Dental Association and National Dental Association, its constituent and component/branch associations and the American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Programs;


B)        American Dental Hygienist's Association and National Dental Hygienist's Association, its constituent and component/branch associations;


C)        Dental programs approved by the Division as meeting minimum standards for an approved curriculum in dentistry under Section 1220.140 and dental hygiene programs approved under Section 1220.250;


D)        Organizations of specialties recognized by the American Dental Association and its constituent and component/branch associations, which are:


i)          Oral and maxillofacial surgery;


ii)         Endodontics;


iii)        Pediatric dentistry;


iv)        Prosthodontics;


v)         Orthodontics;


vi)        Periodontology;


vii)       Oral and maxillofacial radiology;


E)        Academy of General Dentistry, its constituent and component/branch associations and approved sponsors;


F)         American Dental Society of Anesthesiology and its constituent and component/branch associations;


G)        Community colleges with an approved dental hygiene program if offered under the auspices of the dental hygiene program;


H)        A college or university accredited by an agency approved by the U.S. Office of Education or a community college approved by the Illinois Community College Board;


I)         A hospital that has been accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations;


J)         The American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society;


K)        A medical school that is accredited by the American Medical Association's Liaison Committee for Medical Education;


L)        American Medical Association (AMA), specialty medical associations/organizations, the Accreditation Council on Continuing Medical Education;


M)       Federal and State government agencies (i.e., dental division, military dental division, Veterans' Administration, etc.);


N)        A sponsor whose course is approved by the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology; or


O)        A person, firm or association approved by the Division in accordance with subsection (c).


3)         CE credit may be earned for completion of an individual study course (correspondence, audio or video course) sponsored by an approved sponsor. The courses shall include a test that the licensee must pass to obtain credit.  No more than 50% of the required CE credit hours during a prerenewal period may be acquired through correspondence courses.


4)         CE credit may be earned from teleconferencing courses with a moderator present given by an Illinois approved sponsor.


5)         CE credit may be earned from courses leading to an advanced degree or specialty in dental or dental hygiene.  The courses shall be allotted CE credit at the rate of 15 CE hours for each semester hour and 10 CE hours for each quarter hour of school credit awarded.


6)         CE credit may be earned as an instructor of continuing education courses given by approved sponsors.  Credit will be applied for every hour taught and only for the first presentation of the program (i.e., credit shall not be allowed for repetitious presentations).  No more than 50% of the required CE credit hours during a prerenewal period may be acquired through teaching continuing education courses.


7)         CE credit may be earned for presenting volunteer community oral health education programs.  Credit will be applied for each hour of presentation documented by the program director.  No more than 2 hours of the required CE credit hours during a prerenewal period may be acquired through presentation of volunteer community oral health education programs.


8)         Continuing education hours required by a disciplinary order shall not be used to satisfy the continuing education requirements for license renewal.


9)         If a renewal applicant will be earning or has earned CE hours in another jurisdiction, but is not licensed in that jurisdiction and the course is not presented by an Illinois approved sponsor, the applicant shall submit an individual program approval request form, along with a $20 processing fee, to have the program reviewed.  The Board shall review and recommend approval or disapproval of the program using the criteria set forth in subsection (b)(1).  Applicants may seek individual program approval prior to participation in the course or program.  All individual program approval requests shall be submitted prior to the expiration date of the license.


c)         Sponsor Application Pursuant to Subsection (b)(2)(O)


1)         Entities seeking approval as CE sponsors pursuant to subsection (b)(2)(O) shall file an application, on forms supplied by the Division, along with the fee set forth in Section 1220.415(a)(9).  The applicant shall certify on the application the following:


A)        That all programs offered by the sponsor for CE credit will comply with the criteria in subsection (b)(1) and all other criteria in this Section;


B)        That the sponsor will be responsible for providing a certificate of attendance and will maintain attendance records for at least 5 years.  The certificate of attendance shall contain:


i)          The name and address of the sponsor;


ii)         The name, address and license number of the participant;


iii)        A brief statement of the subject matter;


iv)        The number of hours attended in each program;


v)         An indication of whether the program fulfills CE requirements for dentist, dental hygienist or both;


vi)        The date and place of the program; and


vii)       The signature of the sponsor;


C)        That, upon request by the Division, the sponsor will submit evidence (e.g., certificate of attendance or course materials) as is necessary to establish compliance with this Section.  Evidence shall be required when the Division has reason to believe that there is not full compliance with this Part and that the information is necessary to ensure compliance.


2)         To maintain approval as a sponsor, each sponsor shall submit to the Division by September 30 of each even-numbered year a renewal application, the fee set forth in Section 1220.415(b)(5) and a list of courses and programs offered within the last 24 months. The list shall include a brief description, location, date and time of each course given.


3)         The sponsor shall be responsible for ensuring that any dentist or dental hygienist who will be performing some type of procedure as a part of a continuing education course shall have a current license in Illinois or another jurisdiction.


d)         Certification of Compliance with CE Requirements


1)         Each renewal applicant shall certify, on the renewal application, to full compliance with the CE requirements set forth in subsection (a).


2)         The Division may require additional evidence (e.g., certificate of attendance, transcripts and proof of registration) demonstrating compliance with the CE requirements.  It is the responsibility of each renewal applicant to retain or otherwise produce evidence of the compliance.  The evidence shall be retained for at least 5 years following the renewal period in which the CE was taken.


3)         The Division may conduct random audits to verify compliance with CE requirements.


4)         When there is evidence of a lack of compliance with CE requirements, an applicant shall be notified in writing and may request a hearing before the Board.  The Division may recommend that steps be taken to begin the formal disciplinary proceedings as required by Section 10-65 of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act [5 ILCS 100/10-65].


e)         Waiver of CE Requirements


1)         Any renewal applicant seeking renewal of the license or certificate without having fully complied with these CE requirements shall file with the Division a renewal application, a statement setting forth the facts concerning the noncompliance, a request for waiver of the CE requirements on the basis of the facts and, if desired, a request for an interview before the Board. If the Division finds, from the statement or any other evidence submitted, that good cause has been shown for granting a waiver of the CE requirements, or any part thereof, the Division shall waive enforcement of those requirements for the renewal period for which the applicant has applied.


2)         Good cause shall be defined as an inability to devote sufficient hours to fulfilling the CE requirements during the applicable prerenewal period because of:


A)        Full-time service in the armed forces of the United States of America during a substantial part of that period;


B)        A temporary incapacitating illness documented by a licensed physician.  A second, consecutive request for a CE waiver pursuant to this subsection (e)(2)(B) shall be prima facie proof that the renewal applicant has a physical or mental illness, including, but not limited to, deterioration through the aging process, or loss of motor skills that results in the dentist's inability to practice dentistry with reasonable judgment, skill or safety, in violation of Section 23(24) of the Act, and shall be grounds for denial of the renewal or other discipline;


C)        Temporary undue hardship (e.g., prolonged hospitalization, being disabled and unable to practice dentistry or dental hygiene on a temporary basis).


3)         If an interview is requested at the time the request for waiver is filed with the Division, the renewal applicant shall be given at least 20 days written notice of the date, time and place of the interview by certified mail, return receipt requested.


(Source:  Amended at 40 Ill. Reg. 12553, effective September 2, 2016)