Section 1300.220  LPN Licensure by Endorsement


a)         Each applicant who is licensed in another jurisdiction shall file a completed, signed application for licensure on the basis of endorsement, on forms supplied by the Division.  The application shall include:


1)         The fee required by Section 1300.30(a)(1);


2)         Proof of graduation from an LPN nursing education program that meets the requirements of Section 1300.230;


3)         Proof of passage of an examination recognized by the Division, upon recommendation of the Board (i.e., National Council Licensure Examination for practical nurses, or State Board Test Pool Examination for practical nurses);


4)         Verification of fingerprint processing from ISP or its designated agent.  (Practical nurses licensed in Illinois are not required to be fingerprinted when applying for a license as a registered professional nurse.)  Applicants shall contact an Illinois-licensed fingerprint vendor for fingerprint processing.  Out-of-state residents may have their fingerprints taken by an out-of-state vendor but the fingerprints must be processed by an Illinois Livescan Vendor.  Fingerprints shall be taken within the 60 days prior to application;


5)         Official transcripts of theory and clinical education prepared by an official of the military for a practical nurse applicant who has received his/her education in the military service.  Education must meet the standards for education set forth in Section 1300.230;


6)         Verification of licensure status from the jurisdiction in which the applicant was originally licensed, current licensure and any other jurisdiction in which the applicant has been actively practicing within the last 5 years; and


7)         A certified translation for all credentials of education and licensure, if not in English.


8)         For LPN applicants who received education outside of the United States, a credentials evaluation report of the applicant's foreign nursing education from the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) Credentials Evaluation Service (CES), the Educational Records Evaluation Service (ERES) or another credentialing service approved by the Division.  This requirement can be satisfied by providing proof of licensure in a state that requires such a report for initial licensure.


b)         After filing the original application, any change of name must be supported by an affidavit satisfactory to the Division.


c)         Compliance with the provisions of Section 1300.210(b)(3) for each practical nurse applicant shall be a requirement for Illinois practical nurse licensure by endorsement.


d)         Eligibility for Practical Nurse Endorsement

A candidate who is unable to pass the LPN examination in another jurisdiction and is allowed to write the practical nurse examination in that jurisdiction and is subsequently licensed as a practical nurse in that jurisdiction is not eligible for endorsement in Illinois unless and until the candidate has graduated from an approved practical nursing education program.


e)         Individuals applying for licensure by endorsement may apply to the Division, on forms provided by the Division, to receive a Temporary Endorsement Permit pursuant to Section 55-10 of the Act.   The permit shall allow the applicant to work pending the issuance of a license by endorsement.


1)         The temporary endorsement permit application shall include:


A)        A completed, signed endorsement application, along with the required endorsement licensure fee set forth in Section 1300.30(a)(2).  All supporting documents shall be submitted to the Division before a permanent license by endorsement is issued;


B)        Photocopies of all current active nursing licenses and/or temporary permits/licenses from other jurisdictions.  Current active licensure in at least one United States jurisdiction is required. Each applicant's license will be checked on the Nurse System (NURSYS) disciplinary data bank to determine if any disciplinary action is pending on the applicant's file;


C)        Verification that fingerprints have been submitted to the Division or the Illinois Department of State Police or its designated agent; and


D)        The fee for a temporary permit as required in Section 1300.30(a)(2).


2)         The Division shall issue a temporary endorsement permit no later than 14 days after receipt of a completed application as set forth in subsection (e)(1).


3)         Temporary permits shall be terminated upon:


A)        The issuance of a permanent license by endorsement;


B)        Failure to complete the application process within 6 months from the date of issuance of the permit;


C)        A finding by the Division that the applicant has been convicted of any crime under the laws of any jurisdiction of the United States that is:


i)          A felony; or


ii)         A misdemeanor directly related to the practice of nursing, within the last 5 years;


D)        A finding by the Division that, within the last 5 years, the applicant has had a license or permit related to the practice of nursing revoked, suspended or placed on probation by another jurisdiction, if at least one of the grounds is substantially equivalent to grounds in Illinois; or


E)        A finding by the Division that the applicant does not meet the licensure requirements for endorsement set forth in this Section.  The Division shall notify the applicant in writing of the termination.


4)         The Division shall notify the applicant by certified or registered mail of the intent to deny licensure pursuant to subsections (e)(3)(D) and (E) of this Section and/or Section 70-5 of the Act.


5)         A temporary permit shall be renewed beyond the 6-month period, upon recommendation of the Board and approval of the Director, due to hardship, defined as:


A)        Serving full-time in the Armed Forces;


B)        An incapacitating illness as documented by a currently licensed health care provider;


C)        Death of an immediate family member; or


D)        Extenuating circumstances beyond the applicant's control, as approved by the Director.


(Source:  Amended at 45 Ill. Reg. 228, effective January 4, 2021)