Section 1330.660  Pharmacist-in-Charge


a)         No pharmacy shall be granted a license without a pharmacist being designated on the pharmacy license as pharmacist-in-charge.


b)         A pharmacy shall have one pharmacist-in-charge who shall be routinely and actively involved in the operation of the pharmacy.


c)         A pharmacist may be the pharmacist-in-charge for more than one pharmacy; however, the pharmacist-in-charge must work an average of at least 8 hours per week at each location where he or she is the pharmacist-in-charge.  If a pharmacist in charge is on a leave of more than 90 days, a new pharmacist-in-charge must be designated.


d)         The responsibilities of the pharmacist-in-charge shall include:


1)         Supervision of all activities of all employees as they relate to the practice of pharmacy;


2)         Establishment and supervision of the method and manner for storage and safekeeping of pharmaceuticals, including maintenance of security provisions to be used when the pharmacy is closed (see Section 1330.600); and


3)         Establishment and supervision of the recordkeeping system for the purchase, sale, delivery, possession, storage and safekeeping of drugs.


e)         The operations of the pharmacy and the establishment and maintenance of security provisions are the dual responsibility of the pharmacist-in-charge and the owner of the pharmacy.


f)         Within 30 days after a change of a pharmacist-in-charge, the Division shall be notified in writing by the departing pharmacist-in-charge.


g)         In addition to notifying the Division within 30 days, the departing pharmacist-in-charge shall, on the effective date of the change, inventory the following controlled substances:


1)         All Schedule II drugs, as defined in the Illinois Controlled Substances Act, by actual physical count; and


2)         All other scheduled drugs, as defined in the Illinois Controlled Substances Act, by estimated count.


h)         The inventory described in subsection (g) shall constitute, for the purpose of this Section, the closing inventory of the departing pharmacist-in-charge and the initial inventory of the incoming pharmacist-in-charge.  This inventory record shall be preserved in the pharmacy for a period of 5 years.  An affidavit attesting to the completion of the inventory and preservation of the inventory record, bearing the date of the inventory and the name and signatures of the departing and the incoming pharmacist-in-charge, shall be submitted to the Division at its principal office within 30 days after the change in the pharmacist-in-charge.


i)          In the event the departing pharmacist-in-charge refuses to complete the inventory as provided for in subsection (g), or that pharmacist-in-charge is incapacitated or deceased, the initial inventory for the incoming pharmacist-in-charge shall be the inventory as completed by the incoming pharmacist-in-charge.  The incoming pharmacist-in-charge will not be responsible for any discrepancy that may exist in the inventory prior to his or her initial inventory.


j)          When the accuracy, relevance or completeness of any submitted documentation is questioned by the Division, because of a lack of information, discrepancies or conflicts in information given, or a need for clarification, the registrant will be required to:


1)         Provide information as may be necessary; and/or


2)         Appear for an interview before the Board to explain the relevance or sufficiency, clarify information given, or clear up any discrepancies or conflict of information.


k)         Records shall be retained as provided for in Section 18 of the Act. Invoices for all legend drugs shall be maintained for a period of 5 years either on site or at a central location where records are readily retrievable. Invoices shall be maintained on site for at least one year from the date of the invoice.


l)          Whenever a pharmacy intends on changing or adding to the type of pharmacy services it offers, as listed in Sections 1330.500, 1330.510, 1330.520, 1330.530, 1330.540, 1330.560 and 1330.640, it shall notify the Division no less than 30 days prior to the change or addition.


(Source:  Amended at 42 Ill. Reg. 20022, effective November 9, 2018)