Section 2005.20  Definitions


"Building" means the Stratton Office Building, Visitors' Center, the Capitol Building, the Howlett Building, and other buildings named in Section 2005.10, in Springfield, Illinois.


"Capitol Complex" means all buildings, grounds, and parking lots identified in this Part with boundaries being Washington Street, Third Street, Cook Street, and Pasfield Street in the City of Springfield, based upon Section 3.08 of the Space Needs Act [25 ILCS 125/3.08].


"Commercial Activity" means an activity whose primary purpose is to obtain a profit for the benefit of an individual or business entity organized for profit and shall not include the solicitation of donations by anyone during a demonstration or for charitable purposes, as defined by the Charitable Trusts Act [760 ILCS 55] and Solicitation for Charity Act [225 ILCS 460].


"Demonstration" means demonstrating, picketing, marching, rallying, selling non-commercial printed matter or materials, moving in procession, holding of vigils, singing, chanting, or shouting in a loud voice of the type that could interfere with the business conducted in the building, and all other forms of public demonstrative activity that involve the communication or expression, orally or by conduct, of views or grievances, engaged in by one or more persons, the conduct of which has the effect, intent, or propensity to draw a crowd or onlookers within 100 feet of the buildings named in Section 2005.10, on the Capitol Complex grounds, or within the building or the Capitol.  Demonstration shall also mean demonstrating, parading, picketing, speechmaking, holding of vigils, sit-ins, or other activities, conducted for the purpose of demonstrating approval or disapproval of governmental policies or practices (or the lack thereof), expressing a view on public issues, or bringing into public notice any issue or other matter.  However, nothing in this Part shall be construed to govern lobbyists or lobbying as defined by the Lobbyist Registration Act [25 ILCS 170], nor shall a demonstration mean the peaceful contact or discussion by one or more persons with elected representatives during a legislative session, or with executive branch officials, concerning their view on a public or personal issue.


"Director" means the Director or Acting Director of the Department of Physical Services of the Office of the Secretary of State of Illinois.


"Food Truck" means a vehicle equipped to cook and sell food that has a valid, local mobile food service permit.


"Government Photo Identification Card" shall mean an employee identification card issued by any State, local or federal government or agency, or one issued by the Secretary of State to lobbyists, vendors and their employees and employees of State agencies that do not issue photo identification cards.


"Grounds" shall mean the grass areas, garden areas, and all parking areas in the Capitol Complex.


"Interfere" or "Interference" shall mean the type of conduct that by its nature tends to hinder, disrupt, or obstruct the orderly function of the official enterprises being carried on in the building or on the land of the building or Capitol Complex.


"Special Events Division" means the division within the Secretary of State's Department of Physical Services responsible for issuing permits for demonstrations or public displays within and upon the Capital Complex.


"Structure" shall mean anything, built by any person or persons, of any material or substance, for purposes of display, residence, or as part of a demonstration.  This term shall not refer to anything built pursuant to a State contract for construction, remodeling, or repair of any State property within the Capitol Complex or the buildings defined in Section 2005.10.


(Source:  Amended at 42 Ill. Reg. 188, effective December 19, 2017)