Section 2005.40  Prohibited Activities


a)         No animals, except guide dogs to assist persons with disabilities, or dogs utilized by police officers and firefighters in the performance of their official duties, shall be permitted in the buildings in the Capitol Complex.


b)         No person or organization shall camp, erect a tent, monument (except as authorized by the Secretary of State to commemorate a deceased public official or a historical event), structure, portable toilet, platform, sign, or similar device on the grounds of or within the State Capitol, Visitors' Center, the State Library, the Howlett Building, or the Stratton Building, except as provided in subsection (i).


c)         No person or organization shall block, obstruct, or impede any doorway, stairway, corridor, or elevator in the Capitol Complex.


d)         No demonstrations are allowed above the first floor of the Capitol Building; this includes singing, chanting or shouting in a loud voice of the type that could interfere with the business conducted in the building.


e)         No banners, posters, placards, signs or symbols may be carried above the first floor of the Capitol Building.  No sticks, poles, or laths may be used to carry any sign or placard into the buildings.  No chains or ropes may be carried into the buildings, except by authorized workers and State employees, with the permission of the Director.


f)         No person or group of persons shall use any electronic loudspeaker, bullhorn, or other amplifying device within the Capitol Complex buildings or grounds, unless prior permission of the Director is obtained pursuant to Section 2005.50(d). Permission will be granted for demonstrations only.


g)         No banners, posters, placards, signs, or symbols may be affixed in any way by any person to the railing of the second, third or fourth floor of the State Capitol Building.  No banners, posters, placards, signs or symbols for demonstration purposes may be affixed in any way to the walls, railings, floors, or ceilings of any of the buildings in the Capitol Complex.


h)         No banners, posters, placards, signs or symbols may be displayed for more than two weeks within a six month period.


i)          No displays or structures (including tents) in the buildings or on the grounds may be erected without the permission of the Director pursuant to Section 2005.50(d).  Permission shall be granted only if the display structure is part of symbolic expression in the exercise of free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I, Sections 4 and 5 of the 1970 Illinois Constitution.  No more than 2 tents or small structures may be erected at the location designated by the Director. The location shall not impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic or substantially damage the Capitol grounds, i.e., damage to grass or grounds that would require replacement.  The only locations that are authorized for structures and displays shall be the paved areas between the Howlett Building and the Capitol Building, in the north front of the Howlett Building and between the Stratton Building and the Archives Building.  No structures or displays will be placed on grass areas that have an underground watering system on them.


j)          The display of commercial signs, placards, or other forms of advertisement, or the sale, display, or vending of commercial products or articles in the buildings or on the grounds is prohibited, except pursuant to contract with the State Government.


k)         The noise level from demonstrators, picketers, and protesters of any group or groups, or as individuals, within the Capitol Building rotunda shall not exceed 75dB(A).  If the noise level from these persons exceeds this limit, the Director or the Director of the Department of Police, or his or her designee, shall direct all persons to decrease the noise, or to reduce the numbers of people, within the Capitol Building to lower the noise level to the specified level, which shall not exceed 75dB(A).


l)          No person or organization shall damage, destroy, remove, deface, defile, tarnish, or injure in any way State property within the buildings or on the grounds thereof.  All persons and organizations engaging in this type of prohibited activity will be responsible for all costs, expenses, damages, and liability resulting from their own actions or the actions of persons or organizations controlled or directed by them at the time of the damage to State property.


m)        No smoking, vaping, or use of electronic cigarettes is permitted in any building or structure in the Capitol Complex.


n)         No skateboard riding, rollerblading, recreational scooter-riding, or skating is allowed on the Capitol Complex. The riding of bicycles is permitted only in parking lots of the Capitol Complex and not on any Capitol Complex sidewalks or pathways.


(Source:  Amended at 42 Ill. Reg. 188, effective December 19, 2017)