Section 2005.60  Use of Building for Non-Demonstration Activity or Fund Raising Events


a)         Not-for-profit organizations that apply to sell baked goods or other items with a price not to exceed $50.00 in the buildings shall submit a Special Events form to the Department of Physical Services, Special Events Division at least 48 hours in advance of the desired start of their sale.  The application shall state the name of the organization, the date requested for the sale or activity, the location requested, and any alternative dates and locations.


1)         Only one activity at a time will be approved by the Director for each location.


2)         The only locations allowed for the sales are the northwest lobby of the Howlett Building, the area on the south side of the Stratton Building Cafeteria, and the designated first floor hallway area at the Department of Driver Services Building at 2701 South Dirksen Parkway.


3)         Sales may occur during the public business hours.


4)         The Director will only approve applications to sell submitted by not-for-profit organizations, who must submit a copy of the organization's tax exempt number form.  No organization without a tax exempt number will be allowed to sell in the areas designated.


b)         No commercial activity, including but not limited to selling real estate, automobiles or insurance, is allowed in the buildings.


c)         No alcohol or alcoholic beverages are allowed to be sold, consumed, delivered, or used in the buildings, except as permitted by Section 6-15 of the Liquor Control Act of 1934 [235 ILCS 5/6-15].


d)         All organizations that are permitted to use the Capitol Complex or the buildings shall indemnify the State and the Secretary of State from any injury or damage caused by their members' or participants' negligence or willful misconduct. The members who cause the damage or injury are primarily responsible. The organization shall also restore the used areas to their pre-use appearance and condition, less reasonable wear and tear, and the Director shall be the final decision-maker on the clean-up of the used area.  This subsection applies to those organizations listed in subsection (a) and any other organization receiving permission from the Director to use the specified buildings for meetings or parties.


e)         All Special Events forms requesting use of the buildings or the Capitol Complex shall be submitted to the Special Events Division at least 48 hours in advance of the proposed starting time of the activity.


f)         Nothing in this Section shall give the Director authority over the use of the Chambers, meeting rooms, or committee rooms of the General Assembly. The use of each room shall be decided according to legislative rules.


g)         Decorations cannot be applied by tape, glue or any type of adhesive material to any part of the building, unless special arrangements have been made and approved by the Special Events Coordinator.  No candles, confetti or balloons are allowed.  No smoke/fog machines are permitted.  Any other special effects equipment must have prior approval of the Special Events Division.


h)         No on-site cooking or warming of food with flames or burners, such as grilling or the use of Sterno or other canned heat, is permitted in the Capital Complex or on the grounds.


i)          Permitted uses of the Capitol Complex may be canceled without prior notice by the Director of the Department of Police, if security concerns warrant that action.


j)          Any entity that contacts the Special Events Division to erect a display in the Capitol Rotunda between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day shall be granted on a first come, first served basis with a total limit of 5 displays permitted at a time. A request for a display in any calendar year may be made any time on or after January 2 of the same calendar year. The displays, if applicable, must meet the following requirements:


1)         any lights used in the displays must be LED lights;


2)         decorations must be unbreakable or sufficiently secured to avoid damage;


3)         any required equipment to set up or operate the display shall be provided by the entity;


4)         be assembled by the entity seeking to place the display; and


5)         assembly and disassembly of the display must be coordinated with the Special Events Division for a business day.


k)         No more than two food trucks per calendar day may provide food and nonalcoholic beverages to individuals at the Department of Driver Services Building at 2701 South Dirksen Parkway, provided that the owner or operator of the food truck receives a permit from the Director of Physical Services to operate on a particular day. All food preparation shall be contained within the food truck and the food truck operator shall be responsible for removing all food waste and trash associated with the food truck operations. All water and other utility requirements shall be provided by the food truck operator. The designated food trucks may only be located in an area designated by the Director from 11 a.m. through 2 p.m. on the permitted day. If the Director of Driver Services, Director of Physical Services, or Director of the Department of Police, or their designees, determine that a food truck is interfering with Secretary of State daily operations or is causing a disturbance, the food truck may be asked to leave the premises for the remainder of the day.


(Source:  Amended at 42 Ill. Reg. 188, effective December 19, 2017)