Section 264.1300  Application for Initial and Renewal License


a)         An applicant for a license to establish or operate a birth center under the Act shall submit an application on forms prescribed by the Department.  (Section 15(a) of the Act).


b)         The application shall be accompanied by a copy of the Certificate of Need to establish and operate a birth center issued by the Health Facilities and Services Review Board under the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act.


c)         Application forms and other required information shall be submitted and approved pursuant to Subpart B of this Part, prior to surveys of the physical plant or review of building plans and specifications, and prior to submission of the license application.


d)         Each application shall be accompanied by a non-refundable license application fee of $500 plus $100 for each licensed birthing bed. (Section 15(a) of the Act)


e)         The application shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:


1)         The name, address, and telephone number of the applicant, if the applicant is an individual; in the case of a firm, partnership, or association, the name, address, and telephone number of every member thereof; in the case of a corporation, the name, address, and phone number thereof and the name of its officers and its registered agent; and in the case of a unit of local government, the name, address, and telephone number of its chief executive officer.


2)         The name of the person or persons who will manage or operate the birth center.


3)         The location of the birth center, including the name, address, and number of beds (not to exceed 10).


4)         Information regarding any felony conviction, or conviction of any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude in the last five years, of the applicant; or, if the applicant is a firm, partnership, or association, of any of its members; or, if the applicant is a corporation, of any of its officers or directors; or of the person designated to manage or operate the birth center.


5)         The name, address, telephone number, experience, credentials and any professional licensure or certification of the clinical director.


6)         A list of all clinical staff, including name and license number.


7)         A list of the number and type of proposed staff.


8)         A detailed description of the services to be provided by the birth center, including the admission criteria (see Section 264.1550).


9)         Letter demonstrating compliance with requirements in Subpart B.


10)         A copy of the contract between the birth center and referral hospital, including a transfer agreement pursuant to Section 264.2250.


11)         A written narrative on the prenatal care and community education services offered by the birth center and how these services are being coordinated with other health services in the community.


12)         An admission protocol specifying the criteria for admitting a client to the birth center shall be included in the application as provided in this Section.


f)        Each application shall contain documentation demonstrating compliance with Section 25 of the Act and Section 264.1750 of this Part relating to personnel.


g)       Copies of the policies referenced in Section 264.1525 shall be submitted as specified in the license application. 


h)       Upon receipt and review of a complete application for licensure, the Department will conduct an inspection to determine compliance with the Act and this Part.


i)          A license is renewable every year upon submission of a renewal application and fee and a report on a form prescribed by the Department that includes information related to the quality of care at the birth center.  The report must be in the form and documented by evidence as required by the Department.  (Section 15(d) of the Act) 


j)          A birth center's annual renewal application shall be filed with the Department within 90 days prior to the expiration of the license. 


k)         The renewal application shall comply with the requirements of subsections (a), (d), (e)(1) through (e)(8), and (e)(10) through (e)(12) of this Section and shall include the following data:


1)         Utilization data involving client length of stay;


2)         Number of admissions and discharges;


3)         Number of complications for both pregnant/postpartum person and newborn (See Sections 264.1800(f) and 264.2450(f));


4)         Number of transfers for both pregnant and postpartum persons and newborns to higher level of care;


5)         Number of deaths (maternal, fetal, and neonatal), including deaths at the birth center or post transfer;


6)         Any other publicly reported data required under the consumer Guide to Health Care; and


7)         Post-discharge client status data where clients are followed for 14 days after discharge from the birth center to determine whether the postpartum person or baby developed a complication or infection.  (Section 45 of the Act) 


l)          The Department may grant a temporary initial license to any birth center that does not substantially comply with the provisions of the Act and this Part if the Department finds that the health and safety of the clients and staff of the birth center will be protected during the period for which the temporary license is issued.  A temporary initial license expires on the earlier of the date the Department denies the license or the date 6 months after the temporary initial license was issued (Section 15(b) of the Act):


m)        The Department will advise the applicant or licensee of the conditions under which the temporary initial license is issued, including:


1)         The manner in which the birth center fails to comply with the provisions of the Act and this Part;


2)         The changes and corrections required;


3)         The time within which the changes and corrections necessary for the birth center to substantially comply with the Act and this Part shall be completed; and


4)         The interim actions that are necessary to protect the health and safety of the clients in compliance with requirements for the temporary initial license.