Section 340.2040  Furnishings


a)         Each resident shall be provided, if he or she does not wish to provide his or her own, furniture and furnishings for his or her bedroom.  These items shall be well constructed, of a satisfactory design, and appropriate to meet the needs of the resident.  This shall include, but not be limited to:


1)         a bed of a size appropriate to the resident;


2)         a clean, firm, comfortable mattress and pillow;


3)         accessible in-room storage for folded clothing, such as a dresser or chest of drawers;


4)         accessible in-room storage for hanging clothes, such as a closet or wardrobe;


5)         an area to hang the resident's towel and washcloth;


6)         a reading light at an in-room location convenient to the resident, such as at bedside or near a chair;


7)         a location to keep nursing and personal care items that are appropriate for in-room storage, such as a bedside cabinet;


8)         comfortable in-room seating.


b)         The facility administrator shall ensure that married residents residing in the same facility be allowed to reside in the same room within the facility unless there is no room available in the facility or it is deemed medically inadvisable by the resident's attending physician and so documented in the resident's medical records.  (Section 2-108(e) of the Act) A double bed shall be provided for married couples if they request this arrangement and there are no medical contraindications.


c)         There shall be additional pillows available to satisfactorily meet the needs of the residents.


d)         A resident shall be permitted to retain and use or wear his personal property in his immediate living quarters, unless deemed medically inappropriate by a physician and so documented in the resident's clinical record.  (Section 2-103 of the Act)


e)         The facility shall provide adequate storage space for the personal property of the resident.  (Section 2-103 of the Act)


f)         The facility shall provide a means of safeguarding small items of value for its residents in their rooms or in any other part of the facility so long as the residents have daily access to such valuables.  (Section 2-103 of the Act)


g)         Each bedroom exterior window shall have a device (e.g., blinds, curtains, window shades) to ensure privacy and light control.


h)         There shall be at least one privacy screen available in the facility for emergency use when resident privacy is needed.


i)          There shall be no traffic through a resident's room to reach any other area of the building.


j)          Residents over the age of six years occupying the same bedroom shall be of the same sex unless otherwise individually approved by the interdisciplinary team.


k)         Each bedroom shall be provided with a mirror, unless there is a mirror in a bathroom opening into this bedroom.  Each lavatory shall be provided with a mirror.


l)          Each living room for resident use shall be provided with an adequate number of reading lamps, tables, and chairs or settees.  These furnishings shall be well constructed and of satisfactory design to meet the needs of the residents.


m)        Dining room furnishings shall be provided for each resident that are well constructed, comfortable, in good repair, and of satisfactory design for the residents.  There shall be a sufficient number of tables, of a type that can be used by wheelchair residents, to accommodate all such residents in the facility.  A sufficient number of tables that can be rolled over the resident's bed or that can be placed next to the bed shall be provided for residents who cannot, or do not, eat in the dining room or area.


n)         Office spaces, nurses' stations, treatment rooms, and other areas shall be satisfactorily furnished with desks, chairs, lamps, cabinets, benches, work tables, and other furnishings essential to the proper use of the area.