Section 395.110  Application for Program Approval


a)         The program sponsor shall submit an application for program approval to the Department or DHS-DD at least 90 days in advance of the scheduled or DHS-DD beginning of the training program.  If any part or portion of the originally approved program changes, a subsequent application for program approval shall be submitted to the appropriate Department at least 90 days in advance of the scheduled beginning of the new training program. The program sponsor shall not offer the training program prior to receipt of written approval from the Department or DHS-DD.  The appropriate Department will not grant retroactive approval of training programs.


1)         The program sponsor shall submit an application for each theory site operating under its sponsorship.


2)         The program sponsor shall submit an application for each program type under its sponsorship (i.e., community college, adult vocational, secondary, facility based, or private business or vocational school).


b)         The contents of the application will be prescribed by the Department or by DHS-DD and will include at least the following information about the proposed program: 


1)         The type of training program being proposed:


A)        Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program;


B)        Direct Support PersonTraining Program:


i)          Direct Support Person Training Program;


ii)         Mental Health Technician Training Program;


iii)        Program Technician Training Program; or


iv)        Any other common name for this type of training program; or


C)        Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Aide Training Program.


2)         A copy of the sponsor's certificate of approval issued by the State Board of Education or the Board of Higher Education, as appropriate, if the sponsor is a private business, vocational school or college.


3)         A summary of the program, including the philosophy, rationale and purpose of the program.


4)         Either a statement indicating that the Department's model program based on Section 395.300 of this Part is being used or an outline containing the objectives, content and methodologies for the training program. In either case:


A)        The outline or model program shall indicate the number of hours that will be dedicated to each component of the training program.  This outline shall not preclude the instructor from varying the order of presentation of the outlined course components.


B)        The outline or model program shall address each of the required curricula content requirements contained in Section 395.300 (Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program), Section 395.320 (Direct Support Person Training Program) or Section 395.330 (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Aide Training Program).


5)         A syllabus.


6)         A completed master schedule, in a format prescribed by the Department or by DHS-DD, including, but not limited to:  


A)        Identification of the program coordinator or curriculum coordinator, with contact information;


B)        The location of theory and clinical sites, classroom designation, and scheduled dates and times of the training program;


C)        The allocation of the daily hours and total hours of instruction, differentiating between theory, clinical instruction, and clinical conferences, excluding meals, breaks and field trips;


D)        Identification of all instructors to be approved for clinical, theory, Alzheimer's and other dementias, CPR and designated areas of instruction;


            E)        Identification of approved evaluators; and


F)         Clinical site locations and signatures of the facility administrator or designee.


7)         Any clinical site agreements for the use of facilities and equipment that are not owned or operated by the program sponsor.  Agreements shall be signed by the owner or operator of the facilities or equipment and by the program sponsor.


8)         A copy or a description of the evaluation tools that will be used to evaluate the following aspects of the training program:  


A)        Training program objectives, content and methodology;


B)        Training program instructor;


C)        Student performance, encompassing all skills taught and, for a BNATP, the Department-approved performance skills evaluation developed from the curriculum outlined in Section 395.300.


i)          Comprehensive final examination with answer key;


ii)         Laboratory and clinical performance evaluation tools; and


iii)        Clinical performance skills checklist.


9)         A copy of the attendance policy.


10)         A floor plan indicating (BNATP Only):


            A)        Classroom and laboratory dimensions;


B)        The placement of laboratory equipment, including the location of the hand-washing sink;


            C)        Student seating accommodations;


            D)        The location of audiovisual (AV) equipment; and


E)        Adequate space to provide the training component and not interfere with the individuals' activities.


11)        A statement identifying other businesses and entities operating at this location.


c)         The program sponsor for all programs except Direct Support Person Training Programs (or this type of program known by another name) shall submit the application for approval of a training program to the Department or to DHS-DD at the address provided on the application.


d)         The Department has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Human Services for that agency to administer the approval of the Direct Support Person Training Programs (or this type of program known by another name) in accordance with the requirements of this Part.  Questions concerning that type of program should be directed to the Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Bureau of Quality Management.


(Source:  Amended at 37 Ill. Reg. 10546, effective June 27, 2013)