Section 515.700  EMS Lead Instructor


a)         All education, training and CE courses for EMT, EMT-I, A-EMT, Paramedic, PHRN, ECRN, EMR and EMD shall be coordinated by at least one approved Illinois EMS Lead Instructor.  A program that includes education, training or CE for more than one type of EMS Personnel may use one EMS LI to coordinate the program. A single EMS LI may simultaneously coordinate more than one program or course.  (Section 3.65(b)(5) of the Act)


b)         To be eligible for an Illinois EMS LI license, the applicant shall meet at least the following minimum experience and education requirements and shall provide a written recommendation from the EMS MD of the primary EMS System affiliation:


1)         A current Illinois license as an EMT, EMT-I, A-EMT, Paramedic, RN or physician;


2)         A minimum of four years of experience in EMS or emergency care;


3)         At least two years of documented teaching experience;


4)         Documented EMS classroom teaching experience with a recommendation for LI licensure by an EMS MD or licensed LI;


5)         Documented successful completion of the Illinois EMS Instructor Education Course or equivalent to the National Standard Curriculum for EMS Instructors as approved by the Department.


c)         Upon successful course completion, the applicant may apply to the Department through the affiliated EMS System using the child support form available on the Department's website (http://dph.illinois.gov/sites/default/files/forms/ems-renewal-notice.pdf) and an application form provided by the local EMS System. The application will include demographic information, social security number, child support statement, felony conviction statement, applicable fees, and EMS System authorization.


d)         All EMS LIs shall attend a Department-approved review course whenever revisions are made to the national EMS education standards.


e)         Relicensure Application


1)         To apply for relicensure, the EMS LI shall submit the following to the Department at least 60 days, but not more than 90 days, prior to the LI's license expiration:


A)        A letter of support or electronic authorization from an EMS MD indicating that the EMS LI has satisfactorily coordinated programs for the EMS System at any time during the four-year period;


B)        Documentation of at least 40 hours of continuing education, of which 20 hours shall be related to the development, delivery and evaluation of education programs; and


C)        Documentation of attendance at a Department-approved national EMS education standards update course, if applicable, in accordance with subsection (d).


2)         The EMS LI shall file a written or electronic application for renewal with the Department no less than 30 days before the license expiration date.  Incomplete license applications submitted less than 30 days before the expiration may not be processed by the expiration date and will be subject to a late fee once the license has expired.


A)        In addition to submission of the renewal application and renewal fee, an LI functioning within an EMS System shall submit documentation of completion of all CE requirements of the EMS System or primary affiliation no less than 30 days before the expiration of his or her license.


B)        An LI who has not been recommended for relicensure shall be provided with a written statement from the EMS MD stating the reason for the withholding of the endorsement.


C)        The license of an LI who has failed to complete the renewal application requirements for the EMS System and the Department shall be invalid on the expiration of the license.  An individual shall not function as an EMS LI on an expired license.


D)        An LI whose license has expired may, within 60 days after the expiration of the license, submit all relicensure requirements and submit the fees required by Section 575.460, including a late fee, online or by certified check or money order.  Cash or personal check will not be accepted.  If all relicensure requirements have been met, and there are no pending or sustained disciplinary actions against the LI, the Department will relicense the LI.


f)         The Department will, in accordance with Section 515.160, suspend, revoke or refuse to issue or renew the approval of an EMS Lead Instructor, after an opportunity for a hearing, when findings show one or more of the following:


1)         The EMS LI has failed to conduct a course in accordance with the curriculum prescribed by the Act and this Part and the System sponsoring the course; or


2)         The EMS LI has failed to comply with protocols prescribed by this Part and the System sponsoring the course.  (Section 3.65(b)(7) of the Act)


g)         The EMS LI shall be responsible for the following:


1)         Ensuring that no EMS education course begins until after the Department issues its formal written pre-approval, which shall be in the form of a numeric site approval code; and


2)         Ensuring that all materials presented to participants comply with the national EMS education standards, as modified by the Department, and are approved by the EMS System and the Department. Methods of assessment or intervention that are not approved byboth the EMS System and the Department shall not be  presented.


(Source:  Amended at 42 Ill. Reg. 17632, effective September 20, 2018)