Section 570.700  Review of Applications


a)         The grant cycle runs from July 1-June 30.


b)         The Department will review applications for compliance with the requirements of this Part.  During the course of its review, the Department may contact the applicant for additional information if the information provided is incomplete, inconsistent or unclear.


c)         Once the Department determines that applications are complete, grant proposals will be forwarded to the Medical Director of the Office of Preparedness and Response for review and oversight of the review process.  If needed, the Department may consult an advisory committee of experts in medical or spinal cord paralysis research.


d)         After review by the Office of Preparedness and Response, the Department's Grant Review Committee will review the applications.  The Grant Review Committee will review and rank the applications using the following criteria:


1)         The activities identified by the applicant will lead to achievement of the     research objectives;


2)         The project objectives are achievable in the stated time frame;


3)         The evaluation methods measure progress toward the identified objectives;


4)         The budget provides sufficient resources that include, but are not limited to, staff, equipment and supplies, and justifies the need for funds to carry out the project;


5)         The investigators, especially the principal investigator, have a history of conducting and completing scientific research on time, on budget and as planned;


6)         The investigators, especially the principal investigator, have significant expertise in biotechnology and have a reputation for innovation and for developing practical applications for biotechnology;


7)         The applicant has the facilities and resources to complete the research project as described;


8)         The research leads to or involves clinical trials;


9)         The spinal cord injury research project has the greatest potential, based on the information presented in the application, for therapies and cures;


10)         The research is likely to lead to new therapies, treatments or cures for spinal cord injury paralysis, based on the information presented in the application;


11)         The research will lead to patents, articles in peer-reviewed journals or additional grant funding;


12)         The research project will develop or refine the understanding of any ethical, legal or social issues raised by spinal cord injury paralysis research;


13)         The project proposes novel ideas and approaches to develop the ideas;


14)         The project proposes spinal cord injury paralysis research that may attract venture capital for biotechnology start-up companies in Illinois;


15)         The research is likely to accelerate the pace at which basic and preclinical findings are translated into clinical benefits;


16)         The project proposes collaborative and interdisciplinary research among investigators, whether at the same or different institutions; and


17)         Funding the project will increase awareness and understanding of spinal cord injury paralysis research.


e)         Upon completion of the grant review process, the Department will award grants to the applicant or applicants that best meet all of the requirements of the Act and this Part.


f)         Applicants whom the Department determines not to be eligible for grant funds will be notified in writing of this decision.


g)         Distribution of grants is dependent on available funding.  The amount of the award will be based on the amount requested by the applicant, the recommendation of the Grant Review Committee and the amount available in the Fund for distribution.  The amount awarded will not exceed the amount requested by the applicant.


1)         The Grant Review Committee will set forth its analyses and recommendations concerning the grant applications, the rank order of the applications, and the amount of the grant, if any.  The Committee may approve part of an application and recommend partial funding (see Section 570.800)


2)         After the Grant Review Committee ranks the applications, the Committee will decide which applications to fund, based on the review criteria in this Section.  If the amount of recommended funding exceeds the total amount for awards, the Committee may approve reduced funding for one or more applicants.  Those applicants offered reduced funding may decline; if they accept, they shall submit a revised budget.


h)         Applicants shall submit a new application each State fiscal year to be considered for funding.  Applications are applicable only to the State fiscal year in which the applications are received, with the exception of multiple year grants.