Section 581.230  Grant Terms and Obligations


a)         Each physician selected for educational loan repayment assistance shall enter into a written grant agreement with the Department prior to receiving loan repayment funds.  The agreement shall contain terms and conditions that ensure compliance with this Part and the laws of the State of Illinois, and enforcement of the agreement.


1)         The grant agreement shall contain, at a minimum, the following:


A)        Identifying information of the grantee, including name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address;


B)        A description of the grant's purpose;


C)        Specific information on how payments to the grantee will be made;


D)        Details on what constitutes permissible expenditure of grant funds;


E)        Financial controls applicable to the grant; and


F)         The time frame within which the grant is valid, including the time frame during which grant funds can be expended.


2)         Grants are effective on the date that a grant agreement is executed between the Department and the grantee.


A)        A grant is valid for the time frame outlined in the grant agreement.


B)        The Department will deem a grant agreement null and void if the grantee does not fulfill the requirements stipulated in the agreement.


C)        Grants are not assignable or transferable.  Any assignment or transfer shall render the grant agreement null and void.


b)         Grantees shall complete three years of service in Illinois.  Grantees who were awarded a grant based on geographical preference and who wish to move their practice from the location described in the original application and retain status as a grantee shall receive approval from the Department prior to relocating to another area in Illinois.  Without prior approval from the Department, time in a practice location will not count toward the grantee's service obligation.


c)         Every three months, the grantee shall provide documentation to the Department that the amount of money paid for educational loan debt is greater than or equal to the amount of money paid by the Department under this program.  Cancelled checks or documentation from the lending institution will be accepted for this purpose.


d)         The grant program administered under this Part will allow for initial three year grants and subsequent one year grants. Grantees will be given priority for additional year funding provided that they continue to meet the eligibility requirements described in Section 25 of the Act and Section 581.210.


e)         If the grantee is disabled or is otherwise unable for reasons beyond the grantee's control to perform the loan repayment obligations, these obligations shall be suspended until the grantee is able to resume the loan repayment obligations.  However, the suspension shall not exceed two years.


1)         To request a suspension of the loan repayment obligation, a grantee shall submit a suspension request in writing to the Department.  This request shall detail the reason for the suspension and, if temporary, the duration of the suspension and shall be supported by clear and convincing documentation.


2)         The Department shall approve a request for suspension if the request is supported by a letter from the grantee's licensed physician fully explaining and attesting to the grantee's inability (either temporarily or permanently) to continue the loan repayment obligation.


3)         If the Department denies the suspension request, the grantee shall fulfill the loan repayment obligation.


4)         Based on the information contained in the suspension request, the Department's acceptance or denial of the request will be provided in writing, under the Director's signature.


5)         If the grantee suffers total and permanent disability, is adjudicated as incompetent or dies, the grantee shall be discharged from all obligations to the Department in connection with this Part and the Act.


(Source:  Amended at 36 Ill. Reg. 2331, effective January 27, 2012)