Section 800.1600  Electrical Safety


a)         New Installation


1)         All electrical distribution systems constructed after July 1, 2023, shall be designed and constructed to conform to the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association's National Electrical Code (NFPA 70-2017).  Article 551B contains specific requirements for recreational vehicle parks.  Article 555 contains requirements for marinas and boat yards.


2)         The Department shall allow the recreational vehicle site electrical supply equipment to be located at a location other than that specified by Article 551-47 of the National Electrical Code if the recreational vehicle cord prescribed by Article 551-15(b) of the National Electrical Code can be placed on the ground and reach the supply equipment without the need for an extension cord.


b)         Existing Installations.  The following minimum requirements shall apply at any and all portions of electrical systems installed prior to July 1, 2023: 


1)         Conductors.  The type and size of all conductors shall comply with their approved use as indicated in the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70- 1990).


2)         Overcurrent Protection.  All electrical power distribution system conductors in recreational areas shall be protected against overcurrent by circuit breakers or fuses sized for the rated current carrying capacity of the conductors.  Fuses and circuit breakers shall not have a larger rating than the receptacles they protect.


3)         Receptacles serving recreational vehicles shall be of the grounding type of either 15, 20, 30, or 50 amperes.  When tested by a receptable tester, they shall not indicate any open ground, open neutral or open hot conductors or reversed wiring conditions.


4)         Weatherproof Equipment.  All switches, circuit breakers receptacles, control equipment, junction boxes and metering devices located outside shall be weatherproof equipment when in use or a cover must be placed over them so they are weatherproof when in use.


5)         Splices.  All electrical power distribution feeders shall be continuous from fitting to fitting, and all splices shall comply with the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70-1990).


6)         Clearances


A)        In areas that are subject to movement of vehicles, overhead electrical power distribution wiring shall be at least 15 feet above grade.  In areas that are not subject to movement of vehicles, overhead electrical power distribution wiring shall be at least 10 feet above grade, sidewalks, platforms, or any projections from which they may be reached.


B)        A horizontal clearance of three feet shall be maintained between vehicles and the support for overhead conductors.


C)        Outdoor receptacles shall be located at least 18 inches above ground level.


7)         Adequacy of Supports.  Any structure used to support electrical wiring or equipment shall be capable of supporting the required structural loads.  Electrical equipment shall not be attached to trees.


8)         Tree branches.  Dead tree branches which overhang distribution wiring shall be removed and live branches which touch distribution wiring shall be trimmed.


c)         Maintenance of All Systems

All electrical systems shall be maintained in a safe state of repair.  All damaged or defective equipment shall be repaired or replaced.  All loose equipment shall be secured.  All face plates and panel fronts shall be in place and all live parts shall be covered to prevent accidental contact.  All components of the electrical system shall be periodically inspected by the licensee to determine if they are properly functioning.


(Source:  Amended at 47 Ill. Reg. 4326, effective March 17, 2023)