Section 810.30  General Requirements


a)         Permits.  Prior to the construction of a new youth camp, or major alteration or major extension of an existing youth camp, a permit must be obtained from the Department.  There shall be no fee for this permit.


1)         In addition to the application requirements in Section 6 of the Act, applications submitted to the Illinois Department of Public Health (Department) for permits shall contain the following information:


A)        Identification of the youth camp involved and the person or organization preparing the drawings and specifications.


B)        A statement describing the scope of the work proposed and the anticipated time schedule.


C)        A dimensioned plot plan of the youth camp area showing location of all structures and improvements.


D)        Drawings and/or specifications for proposed buildings and structures in sufficient detail to confirm structural soundness and compliance with applicable regulations (see Section 810.110).


E)        Detailed drawings and specifications of proposed potable water source and/or distribution system construction and a general arrangement drawing showing distances between components of the potable water system and sources of potential contamination (see Section 810.40).


F)         Detailed drawings and specifications of proposed sewage system construction and a general arrangement drawing showing distances between components of the sewage system and potable water systems or bodies of surface water, data showing estimated volume of sewage flow, and soil percolation rates for absorption fields.  Where a permit is required from the Environmental Protection Agency or a unit of local government for construction of a sewage disposal system, a copy of the permit or permit application shall be submitted (see Section 810.50).


G)        Detailed drawings and specifications for proposed swimming pool construction sealed by an engineer or architect licensed to practice in Illinois, which indicate compliance with the Department's Swimming Facility Code (see Section 810.80).


H)        Detailed drawings and specifications for proposed bathing beach construction showing water shed area, location of components of sewage systems within the water shed, area and volume of the lake or pond, slope of the bottom of the swimming area, extent of sand or gravel bottom in the swimming area, height of diving boards, depth of water in swimming and diving areas, location of buoyed lines marking wading and swimming areas, and proposed bather load (see Section 810.80).


I)         Detailed drawings and specifications for proposed recreational equipment construction involving partial or total body contact in water (see Section 810.80).


J)         Detailed drawings and specifications for proposed food service establishment construction showing interior construction of the building, floors, walls, and ceilings as well as details of food handling equipment to be installed (see Section 810.60).


K)        Drawings of proposed electrical distribution system construction showing general arrangement, size and type of wiring, grounding, overcurrent protection, and design of receptacles (see Section 810.140).


L)        Drawings of proposed sewer and water piping within buildings showing size and location of piping, fittings, and fixtures as well as materials of construction.


M)       The period of operation of the youth camp and the maximum number of children expected to occupy the youth camp at one time.


2)         The plans shall be sealed by an engineer or architect licensed to practice in Illinois if required by the Professional Engineering Practice Act of 1989 or the Illinois Architecture Practice Act of 1989.


3)         Prior to the issuance of a construction permit, the permit applicant shall submit with the application a completed "Special Flood Hazard Area Request Form" provided by the Department.  If the site is within a Special Flood Hazard Area, the applicant shall forward to the Illinois Department of Transportation's Division of Water Resources the plans for the project.  No project to be located in a Special Flood Hazard Area shall be issued a permit without a statement or a copy of a statement from the Division of Water Resources that the construction complies with the requirements of Executive Order 2006-5, dated March 7, 2006 (available at https://www.illinois.gov/content/dam/soi/en/web/coronavirus/documents/execorder2006-5.pdf).  Construction of such items as water wells, septic tanks, underground utilities, light poles, pavilions, playground equipment sidewalks and driveways as specified in Statewide Permit Number 6 issued by the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Water Resources, May 13, 1983 are exempt from the above requirements.


4)         A permit is not required to repair a facility in a licensed youth camp or to correct a violation of this Part when such repair or correction is made to an existing facility, and does not result in expansion of any existing appurtenances or structures.


5)         Permits for new youth camp construction or alteration, if required, shall be obtained from local health departments, zoning boards, and other governmental units having jurisdiction.


6)         An extension to a youth camp less than a major extension shall not require a permit.  However, prior to initiating construction, the applicant shall advise the Department in writing of the scope of the extension.  This shall be addressed to:  Illinois Department of Public Health, Division of Environmental Health, 525 West Jefferson, Springfield, Illinois 62761.


b)         Local Regulations.  Nothing in this Part shall be construed as authorizing exemptions from more stringent regulations imposed by any other governmental agency having jurisdiction.


c)         Variance Procedure.  The Department may grant a variance to a specific regulation when the operator or owner of a youth camp submits a request for such variance to the Department with drawings, specifications, documents or calculations showing that the alternative methods or designs proposed will provide equivalent protection to that which would prevail under these rules.  The capability of the proposed variance to ensure protection equivalent to that provided by this Part shall be the basis for approval or denial of a variance.  The Department shall notify the applicant in writing of its decision to either grant or deny the variance within 60 days of receipt of the request.  A variance shall be requested and approved before the proposed activity can be implemented.


d)         Responsibility of Licensee.  The licensee shall be responsible for maintenance and operation of the youth camp in compliance with the Illinois Youth Camp Act and this Part.


e)         Youth Camp Location.  No permanent youth camp structure or facility shall be located in an area subject to flooding or within 100 feet of a body of stagnant water, highway, railroad track, or manufacturing area.


f)         Construction Without a Permit.  Youth camps that were constructed prior to July 1, 1986, and not licensed by the Department shall provide prior to the issuance of a license the following information in addition to the application requirements in Section 5 of the Act:  


1)         As-built plans showing an overall plan of the entire youth camp, a floor plan of all existing buildings, the location of the utilities and the capacity of the sewage and water systems.


2)         The period of operation of the youth camp and the maximum number of youths expected to occupy the youth camp at one time.


(Source:  Amended at 47 Ill. Reg. 5205, effective March 21, 2023)