Section 820.100  Permits


a)         Construction Permit.  A construction permit shall be obtained prior to beginning any construction, major alteration or installation of a swimming facility.


b)         Procedure to Obtain a Construction Permit


1)         The owner or his or her representative shall contract with a project designer from the Department's list of prequalified architects or prequalified professional engineers (see http://www.idph.state.il.us/envhealth/swimmingpools.htm) who shall submit a completed application for a construction permit to the Department.  The application forms are available from the Department.


2)         One set of detailed construction plans and specifications, each bearing the seal and signature of a prequalified engineer or architect licensed to practice in Illinois, shall be submitted for initial review.  However, three sets of the drawings shall be submitted prior to the issuance of a construction permit. These plans and specifications shall comply with the following requirements:


A)        All plans and specifications shall be clear, consistent and legible and include the name of the project location, the scale in feet, the north point and date.


B)        Detailed plans shall consist of plan view, elevations, sections and supplementary views and specifications. Dimensions and relative elevations of structures and equipment, location and size of piping, water levels, ground elevations, and pump curve or curves shall be included.  The plans and specifications shall indicate compliance with all applicable requirements.


C)        No change in location or construction of the project shall be made from plans and specifications that have been approved without first submitting details of the proposed changes to the Department and receiving subsequent approval.


3)         Construction Requirements in Flood Plains


A)        Scope.  All construction, major alteration or installation shall be built in accordance with the flood damage prevention standards of the Department of Natural Resources (Regulation of Construction within Flood Plains).


B)        Verification of Compliance.  When construction, major alteration or installation is proposed in a flood plain, the applicant shall determine if the site is in a Special Flood Hazard Area.  The Special Flood Hazard Area Location Request Form, available from the Department, shall be completed and submitted to the Department. If the site is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area, plans for the project shall be forwarded to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  No project to be located in a Special Flood Hazard Area shall be approved without written approval from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.


c)         Revised Plans and Specifications.  If Department review of the submitted documentation identifies the need for correction to the plans, specifications or both, corrected copies shall be submitted with the appropriate fee stated in Appendix B.Tables F, G and H.  If the revised documentation is satisfactory pursuant to this Section, the Department will issue a construction permit.


d)         Notification after the Issuance of a Construction Permit.   The facility owner or permit applicant shall notify the appropriate Department regional office or authorized agent, as specified with the issuance of the permit, when construction, major alteration or installation of the project has been initiated and again when construction, major alteration or installation has been completed.


1)         An owner of a new swimming facility, or a facility that has undergone construction or major alteration or replacement of the swimming facility structure, shall not operate the swimming facility, or allow the swimming facility to be operated, until the Department has issued a license to operate.  To apply for a license, an original license application form shall be completed and submitted to the Department with the appropriate fee stated in Appendix B.Tables F, G and H.  The license applicant shall contact the appropriate regional office to make arrangements for an inspection of the facility after making application and ensuring that the facility is in an operating condition and in compliance with this Part.  A current license to operate a swimming facility that is to undergo major alterations may be suspended by the Department for the period of alteration when continued operation poses a risk of harm to patrons of the swimming facility.


2)         The owner, manager or other responsible party shall keep a set of plans and specifications bearing the approval stamp of the Department at the swimming facility after the project has been completed.


e)         Alterations or Repairs of Existing Facilities.  Repairs or remodeling of existing swimming facilities must be in compliance with design requirements in this Part.  Alterations that meet the definition of major alteration (see Section 820.10) shall require a construction permit.


f)         Preliminary Concept Approval.  The Department may review innovative design concepts and other design features that are not in strict compliance with this Part in advance of submission of plans and specifications to assure that the proposed concept or design will meet the intent of this Part.  Preliminary concept reviews may be conducted at the request of the project designer when the Department determines that an explanation of the innovative concept would aid in its review.


(Source:  Amended at 37 Ill. Reg. 16539, effective October 4, 2013)