Section 820.220 Swimming Facility Bather Preparation Facilities


a) General Requirements. Bather preparation facilities shall be provided in accordance with subsections (b), (c) and (d) of this Section except where the facility is intended to serve living units (such as hotels, motels, apartments, condominiums, dormitories, subdivisions, and resident institutions) where each living unit contains at least one toilet and one shower and is within 500 feet of the facility entrance.


b) Design Requirements


1) Bather preparation facilities to be used by both sexes shall be divided into separate areas designated for each sex.


2) Floors of bather preparation facilities, including showers, restrooms, dressing and locker rooms, and connecting walkways, shall be slip-resistant, impervious to moisture, and sloped to drain at least 1 inch in 10 feet. Material used for floor covering in these areas shall comply with Section 820.200(j)(4). Alternative floor coverings may be installed in locker or dressing areas with prior approval of the Department, if the Department determines that the installation is unlikely to result in a condition detrimental to public health. In considering approval of an installation of an alternative product, the Department shall consider:


A) Whether the product is likely to become or to remain wet, considering separation distance between locations where the floor covering product would be installed and wet areas, such as toilet and shower facilities, and anticipated usage of the facility;


B) Properties of the product, including factors affecting rate of drying, propensity of the product to support microbial growth, and ease of cleaning and disinfecting;


C) If the Department learns that a condition detrimental to public health results from the installation of an alternative product, or if there is failure to comply with the care and maintenance conditions specified with the approval, whether to order removal of the alternative product.


3) Bather preparation facilities serving swimming facilities with bather loads of greater than 200 shall be designed so that passage from the showers to the swimming facility shall not be through dressing room areas and other dry areas of the bather preparation facility.


4) The rooms shall be ventilated and lighted.


5) A hose bibb shall be provided in each side of the bather preparation facilities.


c) Showers, Toilets, and Lavatories. Showers and lavatories shall be provided with liquid or powdered soap dispensers. Showers shall be supplied with water at a temperature of at least 90 F and not more than 115 F with temperature controls that prevent scalding. The number of fixtures provided shall be as shown in Appendix B.Table E. At a swimming facility used by school classes, one shower for every four persons in the largest class shall be provided for each sex, except that in no case shall the number be less than shown in Appendix B.Table E.


d) Dressing Rooms. For swimming facilities with a bather load of more than 300, a dressing area shall be provided for each sex. Shower and toilet areas and walkways shall not be considered dressing areas.


e) Foot Spray. A foot spray, if provided, shall be supplied from the potable water system or the swimming facility recirculation system, have a spray head 18 to 24 inches above the walkway, have a conveniently located valve, be arranged to spray the bathers from knees to feet as they enter the enclosure, and have a drain.


f) Foot Bath. No new footbaths may be constructed or installed after May 20, 1999.


(Source: Amended at 37 Ill. Reg. 16539, effective October 4, 2013)