Section 820.230 Wading Pools


a) Floor. The floor shall be slip-resistant and sloped to the main drain. The slope shall not exceed 1 vertical foot in 12 horizontal. No obstructions such as raised drains or steps on which children may fall or become injured shall be placed in the wading pool area. Play items shall be designed and located to provide maximum safety to the children.


b) Material. The floor and walls shall be of light-colored impervious materials. All corners shall be coved.


c) Walk Area. A walkway at least 4 feet wide shall extend entirely around the pool and shall be sloped to drain away from the pool. The walks shall be constructed of impervious material with a slip-resistant finish. The walks shall slope not less than 1 inch in 10 feet away from the pool edge. A hose bibb shall be installed in the pool area.


d) Barrier. A fence or other effective barrier, at least 3 feet in height, shall totally enclose the wading pool and shall separate the wading pool from other pools. Except with regard to height, the barrier shall comply with Section 820.200(a). Any entrance into the wading pool enclosure shall be equipped with a self-closing and self-latching door or gate.


e) Inlets. Inlets shall be provided as specified for swimming pools by Section 820.210(f)(2). At least two water inlets shall be installed.


f) Drains. A minimum of two main drains shall be provided at the low point, located at least 3 feet apart center to center and connected to the recirculation system. The drains shall be piped and valved so that water from the wading pool can be drained by bypassing the filter. Drains shall be provided with certified safety covers in compliance with Section 820.210(f)(3).


g) Overflow System. A perimeter overflow system shall be provided along at least 1/6 of the perimeter or a skimmer shall be provided for each 500 square feet of water surface area or fraction of that area. The design of the overflow system shall comply with Section 820.210, except that, if a skimmer equalizer line is provided, it shall be connected to the main drain line.


h) Water Treatment. Recirculation and filtration equipment shall be installed and operated at wading pools that cannot be adequately served by an adjacent swimming pool recirculation system or when existing equipment on adjacent swimming pool recirculation systems cannot meet the requirements of Section 820.210. A separate disinfection system shall be installed and operated for the wading pool. The design of water recirculation, filtration and disinfection systems shall comply with Section 820.210.


(Source: Amended at 37 Ill. Reg. 16539, effective October 4, 2013)