Section 935.35  Permits


a)         General. Section 8 of the Act requires that the applicant submit plans to the Department and obtain a construction permit from the Department prior to the construction of a new migrant labor camp or a major alteration or major extension to an existing migrant labor camp.  (B)


b)         Plans. Two sets of plans showing the following information shall be submitted to the Department by the applicant to obtain a construction permit:


1)         Identification of the migrant labor camp involved and the person or organization preparing the drawings and specifications.


2)         A statement describing the scope of the work proposed and the anticipated time schedule.


3)         A plan showing location of all structures and improvements.


4)         Drawings and/or specifications for proposed buildings or structures that include all structural components and material specifications.


5)         Detailed drawings and specifications of proposed potable water source and distribution system, and a general drawing showing distances between components of the potable water system and sources of potential contamination.


6)         Detailed drawings and specifications of proposed sewage system construction, a general arrangement drawing showing distances between components of the sewage system and potable water systems or bodies of surface water, and data showing estimated volume of sewage flow and soil percolation rates for absorption fields.  When a permit has been obtained or applied for from the Environmental Protection Agency or a unit of local government for construction of a sewage disposal system, a copy of the permit or permit application shall be submitted.


7)         Detailed drawings and specifications for proposed food service establishment construction showing interior construction of the building, floors, walls and ceiling, as well as details of food handling equipment to be installed.


8)         Drawings of proposed electrical distribution system construction showing general arrangement, size and type of wiring, method of grounding, over-current protection and type of equipment.


9)         Drawings of proposed sewer and water piping within buildings showing size and location of piping, fittings, and fixtures, as well as materials of construction, in accordance with the Illinois Plumbing Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 890).


10)         The maximum number of persons intended to occupy any new or remodeled housing unit shall be specified. This figure shall not exceed the capacity of the water and sewage systems provided.


c)         Flood Hazard. Prior to the issuance of a construction permit, the permit applicant shall submit a completed "Special Flood Hazard Area Request Form" provided by the Department. If the site is within a Special Flood Hazard Area, the applicant shall forward to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources the plans for the project.  No project to be located in a Special Flood Hazard Area shall be issued a permit without a statement or a copy of the statement from the Department of Natural Resources that the construction complies with the requirements of Executive Order 79-4 dated May 31, 1979. Construction of such items as water wells, septic tanks, underground utilities, light poles, pavilions, playground equipment, sidewalks and driveways as specified in Statewide Permit Number 6 issued by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, May 13, 1983 are exempt from the above requirements.  (C)


d)         Local Approval. Prior to construction of a new camp, major alteration or major extension of an existing camp, permits and zoning approval required by local health departments and zoning boards as well as other governmental units having jurisdiction shall be obtained by the permit applicant.  (C)


e)         Existing Facilities. A permit is not required when existing facilities are utilized for a migrant labor camp. Plans indicating the general location of all structures and utilities shall be submitted to the Department. The existing facilities will be inspected by the Department for compliance with this Part. Any violations identified during the inspection of the facilities shall be corrected, and the facilities shall be brought into essential compliance with this Part prior to the issuance of a license.  (C)


f)         Repairs. A permit is not required to repair a facility in a licensed migrant labor camp or to correct a violation of this Part when such repair or correction is made to an existing facility and does not result in expansion of any existing appurtenance or structure.


g)         Minor Extension and Alterations. Construction at a migrant labor camp less than a major extension or major alteration shall not require a permit. However, prior to initiating construction, the applicant shall advise in writing the regional office of the Department which serves the camp of the scope of the alteration.  (C)


h)         EPA Approval. The construction of all community water supply systems and those surface discharge sewage disposal systems with flows greater than 1,500 gallons per day requires a construction permit from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency.  (C)


(Source:  Amended at 21 Ill. Reg. 9484, effective July 1, 1997)