Section 935.65  Required Sanitary Facilities


a)         Toilets


1)         A water closet, chemical toilet or privy seat shall be provided for each sex in the ratio of one for each 15 persons.  (B)


2)         Each toilet room shall be located so as to be accessible without any individual passing through any sleeping room. Toilet rooms shall have a window not less than 6 square feet in area opening directly to the outside area or be provided with mechanical ventilation. All outside openings shall be screened with 16-mesh material. No fixture, water closet, chemical toilet, or urinal shall be located in a room used for other than toilet purposes.  (C)


3)         A toilet room shall be located within 200 feet of the door of each sleeping room. No privy shall be closer than 100 feet to any sleeping room, eating room, or kitchen.  (C)


4)         Where the toilet rooms are shared, such as in multifamily shelters and in barracks type facilities, separate toilet rooms shall be provided for each sex. These rooms shall be distinctly marked "Men" and "Women" by signs printed in English and in the native language of the persons occupying the camp, or marked with easily understood pictures or symbols. If the facilities for each sex are in the same building, they shall be separated by solid walls or partitions extending from the floor to the roof or ceiling.  (C)


5)         Where toilet facilities serve more than one family, the number of water closets or privy seats provided for each sex shall be based on the maximum number of persons of that sex which the camp is designed to house at any one time, with a minimum of two toilets for any shared facility. (C)


6)         Urinals constructed of non-absorbent materials may be substituted for men's toilet seats on the basis of one urinal for one toilet seat up to a maximum of one-third of the required toilet seats. The floor from the wall and for a distance not less than 15 inches measured from the outward edge of the urinals shall be constructed of materials impervious to moisture. Urinal troughs in privies shall drain freely into the pit or vault and the construction of this drain shall be such as to exclude flies and rodents from the pit.  (C)


7)         Each toilet facility shall be provided with artificial lighting equivalent to one-half watt of incandescent light per square foot.  (C)


8)         Toilet facilities shall be clean and free of structural damage.  (B)


9)         Refuse containers shall be provided and emptied daily.  (C)


b)         Handwashing Facilities


1)         One handwashing basin shall be provided for each family shelter or one for each six people or fraction thereof in shared facilities.  (B)


2)         Liquid or powdered soap shall be provided for each handwashing basin. Bar soap can be used when the basin is for family members only.  (C)


c)         Showers


1)         There shall be a minimum of one showerhead with hot and cold running water per 10 persons or fraction thereof except that a minimum of one showerhead per 15 persons shall be provided for camps occupied prior to April 3, 1980.  The showers shall be located within 300 feet of the housing unit. (B)


2)         Showerheads shall be spaced at least 3 feet apart with a minimum of 9 square feet of floor space per unit. Dry dressing space shall be provided in shower rooms. Shower floors shall be constructed of non-absorbent, non-skid materials and sloped to a floor drain. The walls shall be smooth and impervious. Except in individual family units, separate shower facilities shall be provided for each sex. When shower facilities for both sexes are in the same building they shall be separated by a solid non-absorbent wall extending from the floor to ceiling, or roof, and shall be plainly designated "men" or "women" in English and the native language of the persons expected to occupy the housing, or marked with easily understood pictures or symbols.  (B)


3)         Showers shall be kept free of dirt and mildew.  (C)


d)         Laundry Facilities

            Laundry facilities, supplied with hot and cold water under pressure, shall be made available for the use of all occupants. Laundry trays or tubs shall be provided in a ratio of one per 30 persons. Mechanical washers may be provided in a ratio of one per 50 persons in lieu of laundry trays, although a minimum of one laundry tray per 100 persons shall be provided in addition to the mechanical washers.  (C)


(Source:  Amended at 21 Ill. Reg. 9484, effective July 1, 1997)