Section 975.260  Reporting


The reporting requirements of this Section apply to a grantee that has either an initial or sustainability grant.  Failure of a grantee to comply with the requirements of this Section shall result in the Department's withholding future grant funds to the grantee (see Section 4.1 of the Illinois Grant Funds Recovery Act).


a)         Quarterly Progress Report.  For grants that exceed $25,000, each grantee shall submit (at a minimum) written progress reports to the Department every three months.  The reports are due within 10 calendar days after the quarterly reporting period has expired (see Section 4(b)(2) of the Illinois Grant Funds Recovery Act).


b)         Annual Report.

Within 60 days after the first and second years of a grant under the Act and this Part, the grant recipient must submit a progress report to the Department. The Department may assist each grant recipient in meeting the goals and objectives stated in the original grant proposal submitted by the recipient, and may assist the grant recipient in ensuring  that grant moneys are being used for appropriate purposes, and that residents of the community are being served by the new community health center sites established with grant moneys. (Section 25 of the Act)


c)         Both the quarterly progress reports and annual reports shall include the following information:


1)         Current status of the project;


2)         Project components finished and project components yet to be finished;


3)         Costs incurred to date and an itemized listing of the total current estimated project costs compared to the approved amounts; and


4)         Signature of an authorized official of the grantee stating that this is a true and complete report on the project's status.


d)         Final Report.

Grantees shall submit a final report within 60 calendar days after the conclusion of year three of the initial grant and after year three of the sustainability grant.  The degree to which each objective in the grant proposal has been met shall be fully addressed in this report. The final report shall contain the following information:


1)         A brief narrative summarizing project accomplishments;


2)         Data on the number of unduplicated recipients served and the number of recipients that were new users of the health center;


3)         A description of any new activities or modifications made to the project as presented in the original grant application, including the causes for change, implementation timetable and expected outcomes;


4)         A description of problems that developed and how they were addressed;


5)         A listing of all project costs and sources of funds for the current grant year as well as a cumulative total for the entire grant period;


6)         A certification, in the form of a notarized statement signed by an authorized representative of the grantee, attesting that:


A)        All funds attributed to the grant have been expended;


B)        The costs reported are the final costs required to complete the project and there are no additional or associated costs; and


C)        Funds used for the project were approved by the Department;


7)         A grantee's failure to comply with the requirements of this Section will be considered a material breach of the performance required by the grant agreement and shall be the basis to initiate proceedings to recover all grant funds disbursed to the grantee.


(Source:  Amended at 35 Ill. Reg. 14202, effective August 4, 2011)