Section 2080.70  Schedule II-V Drug Prescription Requirements


a)         A dispenser may fill a prescription for a Schedule II-V drug upon receipt of a written, electronic, facsimile, or verbal order of a prescriber unless otherwise specifically exempted or allowed by federal or State law.


b)         A prescription for a Schedule II-V drug shall:


1)         Be dated as of and signed on the day when issued;


2)         Bear the full name and address of the patient, or in the case of veterinary treatment, the full name and address of the animal owner, as well as the species or common name of the animal being treated;


3)         Bear the full name and address of the prescriber;


4)         Bear the DEA Registration number of the prescriber;


5)         Have affixed to the face of the prescription the prescriber's electronic or handwritten signature, initials, thumbprint, or other biometric or electronic identification process approved by DFPR pursuant to Section 3 of the Pharmacy Practice Act [225 ILCS 85];


6)         If written, be written in ink with a pen, typewriter, or computer printer or with an indelible pencil;


7)         Specify the drug name, strength, dosage, and form;


8)         Specify the quantity of drug to be dispensed, both written and numeric;


9)         Not allow a Schedule II prescription to be filled more than 90 days after the date of issue;


10)         Not allow more than a 30-day supply of a Schedule II drug on any one prescription;


11)         Not allow for any refills of Schedule II drugs;


12)         Contain only one Schedule II drug prescription order per prescription blank;


13)         Limit the maximum time allowed for a Schedule III, IV or V prescription to be filled at six months with a maximum of five refills;


14)         Allow more than one prescription order per prescription blank for a Schedule III-V drug;


15)         Allow electronic prescriptions in accordance with federal rules set forth in 21 CFR 1300, 1304, 1306, 1311 (2010) [720 ILCS 570/311.5]; and


16)         Allow an individual physician the authority to prescribe multiple prescriptions (3 sequential 30-day supplies) for the same Schedule II controlled substance, authorizing up to a 90-day supply [720 ILCS 570/312(a-5)].


c)         In the case of an emergency, a prescriber may issue a lawful oral prescription when failure to issue might result in loss of life or intense suffering.  The oral prescription shall include a statement concerning the circumstances constituting the emergency for which the oral prescription was used. Within 7 days after issuing an emergency prescription, the prescriber shall cause a written prescription for the emergency quantity prescribed to be delivered to the dispensing pharmacist.  The prescription shall comply with all requirements of Section 309 of the Act.


d)         Patient ID for Proper Filling:


1)         The gender field is a verifying element of a patient ID.  The patient's gender shall be entered in the gender field.


2)         The birth date is a verifying element of a patient ID and needs to be entered in the birth date field (yyyymmdd).


3)         The final verifying element of a patient ID for an animal or individual is not a set standard.  Each pharmacy or chain may adopt its own standard.  The concern is that if a standard is too rigid, the enterprise's business activity will suffer.  Any of the following may be used.  If the primary choice is not available (e.g., if the patient is an undocumented immigrant), another choice may be used:


A)        Driver's license or equivalent, state-issued ID;


B)        Telephone number of the patient (include area code);


C)        An internal pharmacy ID system;


D)        Employer ID;


E)        Student ID;


F)         Insurance ID.


4)         If a child's or other person's prescription is delivered to or accepted by a person other than the intended user, an ID should verify the name of the individual accepting the prescription.


(Source:  Amended at 47 Ill. Reg. 13500, effective September 8, 2023)