Section 3000.110  Disciplinary Actions


a)         A holder of any license shall be subject to imposition of fines, suspension or revocation or restriction of such license, or other disciplinary action for any act or failure to act by himself or by his agents or employees that is injurious to the public health, safety, morals, good order and general welfare of the people of the State of Illinois, or that would discredit or tend to discredit the Illinois Gaming industry or the State of Illinois.  Without limiting the foregoing, the following acts or omissions may be grounds for such discipline.


1)         Failing to comply with or make provision for compliance with the Act, these rules, an owner licensee's Internal Control System or any federal, state or local law or regulation.


2)         Failing to comply with any order or ruling of the Board or its agents pertaining to a Riverboat Gaming Operation.


3)         Receiving goods or services from a person or business entity who does not hold a Supplier's License but who is required to hold such license by these rules.


4)         Being suspended or ruled ineligible or having a license revoked or suspended in any state or Gaming jurisdiction.


5)         Associating with, either socially or in business affairs, or employing persons of notorious or unsavory reputation or who have extensive police records, or who have failed to cooperate with any officially constituted investigatory or administrative body and would adversely affect public confidence and trust in Gaming.


6)         Failing to establish and maintain standards and procedures designed to prevent ineligible or unsuitable persons from being employed by the licensee, including any person known to have been found guilty of cheating or using any improper device in connection with any Game.


7)         Failing to promulgate an approved Internal Control System.


8)         Any reason set forth in Section 3000.241(d) or resulting from an event set forth under Section 3000.243.


9)         Aiding and abetting a violation by a Board member or employee, or other government official, of ethical requirements established by statute, resolution, ordinance, personnel code or code of conduct.


b)         An employee whose employment at a Riverboat Gaming Operation has been terminated is subject to revocation of license for any act or failure to act which occurred while employed at any Riverboat Gaming Operation.


c)         A person who has had his or her license revoked by the Board may not reapply for a license without permission from the Board.


(Source:  Amended at 21 Ill. Reg. 4642, effective April 1, 1997)